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Nexa Slab Font

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Nexa SlabDesigner: Svet Simov
Publisher: Fontfabric
Nexa Piece was developed by Svet Simov and released by Fontfabric. Nexa Piece consists of 24 designs and family bundle alternatives. p > Nexa Slab is a geometric slab serif font whose design is based upon the currently popular best-seller Nexa.

The font style household consists of 3 basic forms: italics, obliques and uprights, each of which has 8 different weights. This visual richness makes it the perfect piece serif font style household for the web as well as for print, for motion graphics, logos, t-shirts and so on. It is likewise terrific for headings, fitting perfectly with both small and large typesetting text blocks.

Nexa Piece draws from the abundant traditions of the traditional Neo-Grotesque slab serif fonts such as Lubalin Chart, Rockwell and Memphis, which hide the richness of typesetting text in its important marketing function. Much like these font styles, it's style goes through reasonable, thoroughly thought-out, thick and thin bars with a low contrast in between them. The letters are characterized by the strict geometry and square proportions of the initial, extra-fortified by suitably balanced slab serifs.

Nexa Slab is serious without being rigid and inflexible, finished and lacking in nothing, systematic without being boring, and though it may seem at first glance to be preferable for short, direct messages; in the hands of a master designer ... it can develop and create splendid and harmonic designs.

Open Type Features:

Lining figures (proportional and tabular)

The "f" ligature set

Alternate characters (a, g, y)

Automatic fractions

Automatic numerators

Automatic denomerators

Automatic subscript and superscript

Automatic ordinals

Extended language support (most Latin-based scripts supported) *

Font Family:
· Nexa Slab Thin
· Nexa Slab Thin Italic
· Nexa Slab Thin Oblique
· Nexa Slab Light
· Nexa Slab Light Italic
· Nexa Slab Light Oblique
· Nexa Slab Book
· Nexa Slab Book Italic
· Nexa Slab Book Oblique
· Nexa Slab
· Nexa Slab Italic
· Nexa Slab Oblique
· Nexa Slab Bold
· Nexa Slab Bold Italic
· Nexa Slab Bold Oblique
· Nexa Slab ExtraBold
· Nexa Slab ExtraBold Italic
· Nexa Slab ExtraBold Oblique
· Nexa Slab Heavy
· Nexa Slab Heavy Italic
· Nexa Slab Heavy Oblique
· Nexa Slab Black
· Nexa Slab Black Italic
· Nexa Slab Black Oblique

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