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Niva Font

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NivaDesigner: Pedro Gonzalez Jorquera
Publisher: PeGGO Fonts
Niva was developed by Pedro Gonzalez Jorquera and published by PeGGO Fonts. Niva consists of 60 designs and household package options. p > Niva is a display screen family font style with 6 typographical groups in 10 weights every one, consisting of a basic version, 2 italic widths, an alternative version and real little caps with italic version too. The imaginative concept follows ideas like future, innovation, science, the structural concept focus in streamline complex information on letterforms 'tidy corners' offering a luminescent and sophisticated design with a 'technologique' touch, integrated in legible proportions which works along with 'display (titles)' and even at small 'text' requirements. Specifically advised to be used on digital and prints contexts as publications, books, printed advertisements, UI & & site design, digital graphics, video and TV screen contents as videogames and mobile apps.

Font Family:
· Niva Thin
· Niva Ultra Light
· Niva Extra Light
· Niva Light
· Niva Book
· Niva Regular
· Niva Medium
· Niva Bold
· Niva Black
· Niva Extra Black
· Niva Thin Italic
· Niva Ultra Light Italic
· Niva Extra Light Italic
· Niva Light Italic
· Niva Book Italic
· Niva Italic
· Niva Medium Italic
· Niva Bold Italic
· Niva Black Italic
· Niva Extra Black Italic
· Niva Alt Thin
· Niva Alt Ultra Light
· Niva Alt Extra Light
· Niva Alt Light
· Niva Alt Book
· Niva Alt Regular
· Niva Alt Medium
· Niva Alt Bold
· Niva Alt Black
· Niva Alt Extra Black
· Niva Thin Italic Condensed
· Niva Ultra Light Italic Condensed
· Niva Extra Light Italic Condensed
· Niva Light Italic Condensed
· Niva Book Italic Condensed
· Niva Italic Condensed
· Niva Medium Italic Condensed
· Niva Bold Italic Condensed
· Niva Black Italic Condensed
· Niva Extra Black Italic Condensed
· Niva Small Caps Thin
· Niva Small Caps Ultra Light
· Niva Small Caps Extra Light
· Niva Small Caps Light
· Niva Small Caps Book
· Niva Small Caps Regular
· Niva Small Caps Medium
· Niva Small Caps Bold
· Niva Small Caps Black
· Niva Small Caps Extra Black
· Niva Small Caps Thin Italic
· Niva Small Caps Ultra Light Italic
· Niva Small Caps Extra Light Italic
· Niva Small Caps Light Italic
· Niva Small Caps Book Italic
· Niva Small Caps Italic
· Niva Small Caps Medium Italic
· Niva Small Caps Bold Italic
· Niva Small Caps Black Italic
· Niva Small Caps Extra Black Italic

Tags: alternates, clean, clean-corner, corporate, futurist, geometric, minimal, minimalist, sans, sanserif, science, screen, simple, smart, technology

Niva Font Preview
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