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Numina Font

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NuminaPublisher: Catharsis Fonts
Numina is a display screen serif font household. This typeface has 8 styles and was published by Catharsis Fonts.

Numina is a stylish, dignified, highly condensed contemporary display screen family consisting of 2 complementary faces. Numina Glory profits from the household's strong, relentless vertical texture, avoiding diagonals in favor of robust pillars, whereas Numina Glamour goes with more standard letterforms for enhanced legibility and a sophisticated, airy grace. Both faces are well-suited for headlines, logo designs, block quotes, and editorial work.

Numina comes with comprehensive language assistance and OpenType functions such as small caps, ligatures, and stylistic alternates. Each face comes with three additional font files at no extra cost: Oblique, Ligatures, and Ligatures Oblique. In the Ligatures fonts, all ligatures are designated as standard ligatures (rather than discretionary ones), and are for that reason easily available even in typographically unsavvy applications.

Numina is the plural of the Latin word numen, which explains the intangible aura of power and impact originating from gods and heroes.

Acknowledgements: I am grateful to the handy souls on the Typophiles online forums for their reviews and feedback, which considerably improved the font. In particular, base spacing and improvements to lettershapes were provided by Hrant H Papazian. Rainer E. Scheichelbauer supplied welcome help with technical problems. This font style is committed to Simone.

Font Family:
· Numina Glamour Regular
· Numina Glamour Italic
· Numina Glamour Ligatures
· Numina Glamour Ligatures Italic
· Numina Glory Regular
· Numina Glory Italic
· Numina Glory Ligatures
· Numina Glory Ligatures Italic

Numina Font Preview
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