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Objektiv Font

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ObjektivDesigner: Bruno Mello
Publisher: Dalton Maag
Objektiv was developed by Bruno Mello and released by Dalton Maag. Objektiv includes 42 styles and family package options. The font style is currently # 45 in Best Sellers. p > A New Look At Geometry

Ever considering that calligraphic letterforms developed into type, individuals have attempted to justify the lines and curves of letter shapes into geometric forms.

As far back as the 15th century, Albrecht Dürer (Of the Just Forming of Letters) endeavoured to describe a serif with circles and arcs: height to width percentages reference the golden ratio. At the height of the Bauhaus period, with its search for kind which follows function, Herbert Bayer and Jan Tschichold experimented with geometry in type and typography. Futura, designed by Paul Renner, is an outcome of this thinking. But even the designers of these era ultimately acknowledged that, for type, type following function is not accomplished by geometry but by unified proportions.

Objektiv takes a makeover at geometry. Its designer, Bruno Mello, followed the concepts of mathematical structures however didn't forget that this typeface is to be used by humans.

What initially look appears to have been drawn by a compass has actually in fact been changed to represent the method that we perceive the world. The percentages of the characters have not been determined by geometry and mathematics, however by their harmony with one another, and by what our eyes judge to be right.

Optics is governed by geometry and by mathematics. Lenses, for example, are positioned and changed to give particular unified ratios of macro or micro. Objektiv, with its three style variations, echoes this concept: for display screen purposes, Bruno Mello created Mk1, with classically geometric and unforgiving shapes, while for the micro-typographic environment of body copy, where the human simply requires to be able to check out the message, Mk3 delivers maximum. legibility. Mk1, Mk2, and Mk3 progressively zoom from macro into micro typography.

Font Family:
· Objektiv Mk1 Thin
· Objektiv Mk1 Thin Italic
· Objektiv Mk1 Light
· Objektiv Mk1 Light Italic
· Objektiv Mk1
· Objektiv Mk1 Italic
· Objektiv Mk1 Medium
· Objektiv Mk1 Medium Italic
· Objektiv Mk1 Bold
· Objektiv Mk1 Bold Italic
· Objektiv Mk1 XBold
· Objektiv Mk1 XBold Italic
· Objektiv Mk1 Black
· Objektiv Mk1 Black Italic
· Objektiv Mk2 Thin
· Objektiv Mk2 Thin Italic
· Objektiv Mk2 Light
· Objektiv Mk2 Light Italic
· Objektiv Mk2
· Objektiv Mk2 Italic
· Objektiv Mk2 Medium
· Objektiv Mk2 Medium Italic
· Objektiv Mk2 Bold
· Objektiv Mk2 Bold Italic
· Objektiv Mk2 XBold
· Objektiv Mk2 XBold Italic
· Objektiv Mk2 Black
· Objektiv Mk2 Black Italic
· Objektiv Mk3 Thin
· Objektiv Mk3 Thin Italic
· Objektiv Mk3 Light
· Objektiv Mk3 Light Italic
· Objektiv Mk3
· Objektiv Mk3 Italic
· Objektiv Mk3 Medium
· Objektiv Mk3 Medium Italic
· Objektiv Mk3 Bold
· Objektiv Mk3 Bold Italic
· Objektiv Mk3 XBold
· Objektiv Mk3 XBold Italic
· Objektiv Mk3 Black
· Objektiv Mk3 Black Italic

Tags: 1920s, alternates, capital sharp s, classic, clean, clear, elegant, friendly, geometric, humanist, informal, legible, long ascender, modern, opentype, san-serif, versal eszett

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