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-OC Format Collage Font

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-OC Format CollageDesigner: Andrew Bellamy
Publisher: OtherwhereCollective
-OC Format Collage was developed by Andrew Bellamy and released by OtherwhereCollective. -OC Format Collage consists of 13 designs and family plan options. The font style is currently # 48 in Hot New Fonts. p >

-OC Format Collage (developed on the formerly Nº1 ranked typeface -OC Format Sans Bd), is a variable typeface design inspired by the cut and paste methods of illustrators Eric Carle and Lois Ehlert. With 3 axes-Cutout, Assortment & & Scatter-the type can seamlessly be changed from the elegant geometric sans serif to one with obviously hand cut, hand pasted characters that feel more human. Incredibly versatile the font is ideal for text and screen making it ideal for packaging, publishing, posters and digital style requiring readability and a natural and friendly imperfection.

Static font style files are also available:

- T1-6 (Text) fonts just adjust the cutout strategy and the characters of the type stay upright and sit on the baseline.

- D1-6 (Show) change all 3 axes with characters randomly changing angles and position relative to the baseline.

OpenType features:

-OC Format Collage boasts numerous functions to boost the hand completed impact with several alternate options and double character ligatures so characters aren't repeated within the exact same word. The design also supports multiple languages, includes basic and discretionary ligatures, circled around figures and substantial symbol sets.

Font Family:
· -OC Format Collage Variable
· -OC Format Collage T1
· -OC Format Collage T2
· -OC Format Collage T3
· -OC Format Collage T4
· -OC Format Collage T5
· -OC Format Collage T6
· -OC Format Collage D1
· -OC Format Collage D2
· -OC Format Collage D3
· -OC Format Collage D4
· -OC Format Collage D5
· -OC Format Collage D6

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