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-OC Rey Font

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-OC ReyDesigner: Andrew Bellamy
Publisher: OtherwhereCollective
-OC Rey was created by Andrew Bellamy and published by OtherwhereCollective. -OC Rey includes 10 designs and family bundle choices. p > Available in ten designs -OC Rey is a contemporary Didone typeface featuring real italics and signature ligatures that can take designs to another level.

Classical in character it is drawn with thick vertical stems and great horizontal lines, a contrast which starts gradually at the lightest weight, developing abruptly to the thick stems of bold. The forms are even in percentage and structure with a vertical stress giving a proud, upright stance and an air of distinction. The appeal of the high-end uppercase excels in sophisticated headings best for the arena of art and fashion, while the high x-height, large eyes and apertures and distinctive open counters make it perfect for readable copy.

With a conventional appearance and a refined sophistication, it's reverent but likewise breaks from convention with distinguished qualities that recommend heritage in a modern context. Traditionally round features are replaced with sharp corners, significantly in the square tittles and the lack of heavy soft ball terminals providing it an unique presence. The weight of the unbracketed serifs is deliberately less severe than some Didone hairlines, indicating it's appeal doesn't break down when little or reversed, making for excellent flexibility.

-OC Rey is designed with extensive language assistance and with multiple open type features.

Font Family:
· -OC Rey Light
· -OC Rey Light Italic
· -OC Rey Regular
· -OC Rey Regular Italic
· -OC Rey Medium
· -OC Rey Medium Italic
· -OC Rey Demi
· -OC Rey Demi Italic
· -OC Rey Bold
· -OC Rey Bold Italic

Tags: bodoni, branding, contemporary, contrast, didone, didot, display, editorial, elegant, fashion, hairline, high-end, legible, ligatures, logo, logotype, luxury, magazines, rational serif, readable, style, text, versatile

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