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Oceanwide Pro Font

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Oceanwide ProDesigners: Adrian Frutiger, Dave Lawrence
Publisher: California Type Foundry
Oceanwide Pro was designed by Adrian Frutiger, Dave Lawrence and published by California Type Foundry. Oceanwide Pro includes 18 designs and household bundle alternatives. The font is currently # 34 in Hot New Fonts. p >

A typeface best for not simply one, but numerous projects! Introducing Pro, a sans that loves to be used in practically any scenario! Developed with ultra clean lines and flexibility in mind, Oceanwide wants to be your brand-new favorite sans!

Oceanwide's ultra tidy letters work anywhere you wish to interact orderliness and competence, and designed to build trust and rapport with your audience. Its broad proportions make it perfect for display and logo use.

Oceanwide particularly shines for white/bright letters on black/dark backgrounds! That's due to the fact that the within shapes are nearly perfect circles in lots of weights.

We've tested Oceanwide for these industries, with sensational results!:

TechArtsFashion & & StyleBusiness & BrandingCorporationsLogisticsArchitectureFoodand numerous more ...

Oceanwide can be used for:

HeadersSubheadlinesLogosEven body text, if tracked.Print & & Screen

The designs it can take are likewise many. It's great for:

Modern/minimalist designFlat designCut out designUser Interface (UI) Technical designsIn combination with text impacts, even for grunge and other situations.And lots of others ...


SimplicityTall x-heightHand-sloped obliques (italics) Narrow spacingSemi-wide proportionsExpert kerningWell proportioned, functional lights & & additional lightsLarge capsGreat ALL CAPS MODEUppercase punctuationUppercase spacing with California Type Foundry's Smart TrackingAdvanced fraction supportProportional lining figuresThick joinsSmooth curvesSturdy-great for textures and effectsVariable font availableLatin Pro character set for Main European languages. That's the composing for over 782 languages and transliterations worldwide!


by Dave Lawrence, Lead Designer, California Type Foundry

Adrian Frutiger was the 20th century master of sans, but I didn't understand he had made-not one-but TWO geometric sans!

It wasn't until I had purchased the book "Adrian Frutiger: Typefaces". I had intended to one day fulfill Adrian Frutiger, but he passed away that extremely exact same year.

Here is the story of Frutiger's forgotten sans. Back in 1968, Frutiger was approached by Pentagram to make a design for British Petroleum. They wanted a 'new variation of Futura'. However, they wanted him to make a couple changes. First, they felt that Futura was 'too fiddly.' By this, they suggested that it narrowed excessive at the signs up with. (Signs up with are for example where the round and straight parts of the 'd' fulfill.) This is something that is essential for fine print text (to prevent ink obstructing), however is not necessary at large sizes.

Second, they desired it to be completely geometric, utilizing the circular shape with very little optical corrections.

Unfortunately this typeface was not even utilized extremely consistently in the BP brand. A haphazard mix of Futura and Frutiger's BP font style ensued. It was then changed by another typeface design extremely quickly after.

My style is different in numerous methods. Initially, the commas and quotes are a more modern design. I tried his initial commas, however these simply didn't work to 21st century eyes. Second, in his illustrations, Frutiger went for a more standard u with a downstroke on the right. Nevertheless, Oceanwide has a simpler u.

Third, I made more optical modifications. At the direction of his employer, Frutiger reluctantly put no font optical corrections into the letters. So I believe my optical changes resemble what Frutiger would have wanted.

Fourth, I extended the weight into the light and extra light ranges.

Fifth, the remainder of the font I produced according to the concepts of Adrian Frutiger, however without any sources for inspiration.

Here is Frutiger's design viewpoint, in his own words: "If you keep in mind the shape of your spoon at lunch, it has to be the incorrect shape. The spoon and the letter are tools; one to take food from the bowl, the other to take details off the page ... When it is an excellent style, the reader has to feel comfy since the letter is both banal and lovely."

The words about the spoon were the ones I kept in my mind as I attempted to make the curves ultra smooth, and the shapes ultra simple.

Hopefully this typeface is a worthy follower to the font that inspired it.

Released on the 93rd birthday of Adrian Frutiger, to commemorate the life and achievements of this amazing designer.


Simplicity. Adaptability. Oceanwide.

Font Family:
· Oceanwide Pro Extra Light
· Oceanwide Pro Extra Light Oblique
· Oceanwide Pro Light
· Oceanwide Pro Light Oblique
· Oceanwide Pro Quasi Light
· Oceanwide Pro Quasi Light Oblique
· Oceanwide Pro Regular
· Oceanwide Pro Oblique
· Oceanwide Pro Medium
· Oceanwide Pro Medium Oblique
· Oceanwide Pro Semibold
· Oceanwide Pro Semibold Oblique
· Oceanwide Pro Bold
· Oceanwide Pro Bold Oblique
· Oceanwide Pro Extra Bold
· Oceanwide Pro Extra Bold Oblique
· Oceanwide Pro Heavy
· Oceanwide Pro Heavy Oblique

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