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Oksana Greek Font

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Oksana GreekDesigner: Andrij Shevchenko
Publisher: AndrijType
Oksana Greek was designed by Andrij Shevchenko and published by AndrijType. Oksana Greek consists of 24 designs and household bundle alternatives. p > Oksana Greek has only fundamental Latin and monotonic Greek characters from multilingual Oksana.

It has six weights with genuine italics, and Alt confronts with Old Design figures, ampersand, alternative characters -a-g-k-y- and Greek -Ε-Ξ-β-ε-θ-φ-.

Font Family:
· Oksana Greek Thin
· Oksana Greek Alt Thin
· Oksana Greek Thin Italic
· Oksana Greek Alt Thin Italic
· Oksana Greek Light
· Oksana Greek Alt Light
· Oksana Greek Light Italic
· Oksana Greek Alt Light Italic
· Oksana Greek
· Oksana Greek Alt
· Oksana Greek Italic
· Oksana Greek Alt Italic
· Oksana Greek Demi Bold
· Oksana Greek Alt Demi Bold
· Oksana Greek Demi Bold Italic
· Oksana Greek Alt Demi Bold Italic
· Oksana Greek Bold
· Oksana Greek Alt Bold
· Oksana Greek Bold Italic
· Oksana Greek Alt Bold Italic
· Oksana Greek Heavy
· Oksana Greek Alt Heavy
· Oksana Greek Heavy Italic
· Oksana Greek Alt Heavy Italic

Tags: decorative, fashionable, funny, graceful, greek, headline, heavy, informal, legible, light, non-connected, semi-serif, soft, true italics, wide

Oksana Greek Font Preview

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