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Ollie Font

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OllieDesigner: Dave Rowland
Publisher: Schizotype
Ollie was developed by Dave Rowland and released by Schizotype. Ollie consists of 1 style. p > Meet Ollie, a casual signage script whose friendly, bouncy exterior belies a heart of advanced OpenType programming. This font is developed to take advantage of OpenType smart applications, and as such is suggested for professional design usage. Or to put it another way: Make sure that contextual alternates and ligatures are constantly turned on!

Ollie includes about 900 glyphs, much of which are automagical replacements to keep the text streaming smoothly, and to pseudo-randomly pick different glyphs to prevent repeating. With contextual alternates turned on (as they should be by default), the majority of lowercase letters will alternate between a minimum of 2 various forms. The powerful OpenType shows makes the typeface itself 'recall' (as much as eight characters) on previously used letters; typing "banana" will provide you 3 different a's and 2 different n's (the last a is a special 'end form' character).

The calt function controls lots of other 'unique effects' which all total to offer a smooth-flowing, hand-lettered appearance. These impacts include start and end kinds (and certainly, 'loner' kinds) of numerous letters, which are instantly replaced in at beginnings or ends of words, or when the previous or next letter does not connect. Another unique feature tests to see if there is room for the crossbar of t (or tt ligature) to extend even more over the previous or next letter, or both, as is often the case. The last main result of the calt feature is to replace specific letters typed before any 'e' character, to make for a more natural connection (see the pe mix in 'Schizotype' in the first poster).

Ligatures must be on by default, for a much better looking tt mix, and a couple of others besides. The swash function ought to be used moderately (one glyph at a time, actually) to apply a more elegant aim to g, j and y in the lower case, and many of the upper case too.

Oldstyle figures are included, as well as the lining defaults.

Now to explore the stylistic alternates ... These are all included in the salt function, or for uses of applications that support them, separated into stylistic sets hence:

ss01 - (with swash function on) L and G swashes get back at swashier.

ss02 - standard s changes to a connected script s form.

ss03 - r handles a script form.

ss04 - z also gets a scriptier look.

[the previous three sets also change any variations of s, r or z with diacritics]

ss05 - an useful highlight function. When made it possible for, typing 2 or more underscores will extend a cool highlight under the previous letters. More underscores = longer underline.

ss06 - the Polish script lslash modifications to its more standard form.

ss07 - E, S and B modification to a more top-heavy alternate form.

ss08 - An alternate type for A characters.

ss09 - Alterative rounder types of M and N.

ss10 - An alternate ampersand.

That about concludes the functions. Now all that's left is for you to certify the font style and get exploring!

Font Family: Ollie

Tags: advanced, advert, alternates, baseball script, bouncy, casual, connected, flowing, gestural, gorgeous, hand lettering, informal, intelligent, logo, love, random, romantic, sign, signage, sign painting, smooth, swash, tshirt, underline, vernacular, versatile

Ollie Font Preview

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