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Olympukes 2012 Font

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Olympukes 2012Designers: Jonathan Barnbrook, Jonathan Abbott, Marcus Leis Allison, Marwan Kaabour
Publisher: Barnbrook Fonts
Created by Jonathan Barnbrook and Jonathan Abbott, Olympukes 2012 is a dingbat font style family. This typeface has 2 designs and was released by Barnbrook Fonts.

Released on the occasion of the 2012 London Olympics, Olympukes 2012 was a new set of pictograms telling the 'real' story of the Olympics and extending the unofficial job that started in 2004. The event of the London games supplied an opportunity to review the complex contradictions of the modern Olympics and to acknowledge the geopolitical shifts of the stepping in eight years.

[Barnbrook is not affiliated with, nor has received any recommendation from, the International Olympic Committee, the arranging committees of the Olympic Games, or any nationwide Olympic committee.]

Font Family:
· Olympukes 2012 Light
· Olympukes 2012 Dark

Olympukes 2012 Font Preview
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