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Omni Serif Font

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Omni SerifDesigner: James Marsh
Publisher: ArtyType
Omni Serif was designed by James Marsh and released by ArtyType. Omni Serif includes 8 styles and household plan choices. p > Typefaces do not just appear fully formed to a designer, even with a clear principle in mind, they develop naturally throughout the style & & development process.

Out of the existing 'Artytype' collection, Omni has progressed the most, being a removed back off-spring from a number of exploratory exercises.

At first look and especially at small scale, you 'd be forgiven for believing the fundamental qualities have a conventional outlook; but on closer inspection, it's own unique, tidy cut, subtle styling emerges, revealing adequate character to stand alone or match a wide range of projects; consequently, it's a font style that will not head out of design rapidly and might even end up being a modern-day classic in time.

The Omni family has 2 unique styles, sans and serif, each style being offered in 4 weights; all 8 font styles have actually inclined choices to match making an overall of 16 fonts.

Dictionary definition of OMNI: Combining type - Of all things, in all methods or locations. Rather an apt name for a font style with ubiquitous aspirations.

Font Family:
· Omni Serif Thin
· Omni Serif Thin Slanted
· Omni Serif Light
· Omni Serif Light Slanted
· Omni Serif Medium
· Omni Serif Medium Slanted
· Omni Serif Bold
· Omni Serif Bold Slanted

Tags: advertising, branding, chunky, contemporary, cool, device, digital, display, egyptian, experimental, gaming, headline, heavy, industrial, interface, legible, logotype, magazine, masculine, modern, open counters, packaging, poster, robust, serif, slab serif, slabserif, slanted, solid, strong, sturdy, stylish, thick, unique, unusual, wide

Omni Serif Font Preview

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