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Onomatopedia Font

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OnomatopediaDesigner: John Roshell
Publisher: Comicraft
Created by John Roshell, Onomatopedia is a dingbat font household. This typeface has two styles and was published by Comicraft.

Fans of Comicraft have actually made a great deal of noise (HELP!) about the accessibility of ready-to-wear, factory surplus sound results, not unlike those made readily available over a years ago in our incredibly popular and raucous ZAP PACK. It may sound impossible (WHA——?!), however Comicraft's Sonic Professional, John JG Roshell, locked himself away (CLIK) in our top-secret SFX laboratory forming Onomatopoeia at high speeds (FWOOSH) and severe temperatures (BBRRR), and sounded out over One Hundred (GASP) of the loudest (BTOOM), the majority of intense (UNNGHH), squawkiest (KRAKK), discordant (SPLANGG), dissonant (SQUTCH)—— as well as dulcet and restrained (THWIPP)—— sound results ever developed (WOO HOO!)


Helpfully organized in alphabetical order (YIPPEE!), this Library of Onomatopeia-- the ONOMATOPEDIA, if you will (DING)—— is now offered for usage by the general public.


WARNING: Comicraft Sound Impacts may blow up on contact with skin (AAAH!); please usage protective clothes and glasses when managing the Onomatopedia.


Two font styles (Source & & Echo) containing 104 pre-made sound effects. Also offered is a glyph map of all 104 effects as a PNG file in the Gallery.

.Font Family:
· Onomatopedia Source
· Onomatopedia Echo

Onomatopedia Font Preview
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