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Optima Nova Font

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Optima NovaDesigners: Hermann Zapf, Akira Kobayashi
Publisher: Linotype
Optima Nova was designed by Hermann Zapf, Akira Kobayashi and published by Linotype. Optima Nova contains 60 designs and family bundle options. The font is presently # 48 in Best Sellers. p > With the clear, basic sophistication of its sans serif forms and the warmly human touches of its tapering stems, the Optima household has shown popular around the world.

In 2002, when it was lastly possible to produce digital alphabets without technical constraints and compromises, and more than fifty years after the very first sketches, an expansion and redesign of the Optima family was finished and launched as Optima nova. Hermann Zapf and Japanese type designer, Akira Kobayashi, teamed up on the task, that included re-working of the existing weights and the addition of several brand-new weights: small caps, old design figures, light, heavy, and condensed.

The original Optima was never produced with a genuine italic, only an oblique version of the roman. Optima nova has a total range of perfectly created real italics; the new italic types, of the e, f and g are particularly notable.

The titling face includes capital letters with unique and uncommon letter combinations and ligatures, making it an excellent choice for headlines, logo designs and advertising functions. Optima continues to be a versatile typeface; and Optima nova works for simply about anything from book text to signs.

Font Family:
· Optima Nova Pro Light
· Optima Nova Pro Light Italic
· Optima Nova Pro Regular
· Optima Nova Pro Italic
· Optima Nova Pro Medium
· Optima Nova Pro Medium Italic
· Optima Nova Pro Demi
· Optima Nova Pro Demi Italic
· Optima Nova Pro Bold
· Optima Nova Pro Bold Italic
· Optima Nova Pro Heavy
· Optima Nova Pro Heavy Italic
· Optima Nova Pro Black
· Optima Nova Pro Black Italic
· Optima Nova Pro Condensed Light
· Optima Nova Pro Condensed
· Optima Nova Pro Condensed Medium
· Optima Nova Pro Condensed Demi
· Optima Nova Pro Condensed Bold
· Optima Nova Pro Titling
· Optima Nova Light
· Optima Nova Light SC
· Optima Nova Light OsF
· Optima Nova Light Italic
· Optima Nova Light Italic SC
· Optima Nova Light Italic OsF
· Optima Nova Regular
· Optima Nova Regular SC
· Optima Nova Regular OsF
· Optima Nova Italic
· Optima Nova Italic SC
· Optima Nova Italic OsF
· Optima Nova Medium
· Optima Nova Medium SC
· Optima Nova Medium OsF
· Optima Nova Medium Italic
· Optima Nova Medium Italic SC
· Optima Nova Medium Italic OsF
· Optima Nova Demi
· Optima Nova Demi SC
· Optima Nova Demi OsF
· Optima Nova Demi Italic
· Optima Nova Demi Italic SC
· Optima Nova Demi Italic OsF
· Optima Nova Bold
· Optima Nova Bold SC
· Optima Nova Bold OsF
· Optima Nova Bold Italic
· Optima Nova Bold Italic SC
· Optima Nova Bold Italic OsF
· Optima Nova Heavy
· Optima Nova Heavy Italic
· Optima Nova Black
· Optima Nova Black Italic
· Optima Nova Condensed Light
· Optima Nova Condensed Regular
· Optima Nova Condensed Medium
· Optima Nova Condensed Demi
· Optima Nova Condensed Bold
· Optima Nova Titling

Tags: clean, flared, formal, german, humanist, inscribed, legible, linear antiqua, optima, sans-serif, semi-serif, stressed sans, tapered, true italic

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