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P22 Albers Font

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P22 Albers
This set of typefaces was produced in combination with the Guggenheim Museum and the Josef Albers Structure. Josef Albers was one of the most important artists and educators of the twentieth century. He belonged to the Bauhaus initially as a trainee and after that as a teacher from 1920 until its closing in 1933. He then emigrated to America, where he continued making art and teaching at various institutions up until his death. Known principally as an abstract painter, he was likewise an accomplished designer, draftsman, typographer, and photographer. His works check out permutations of kind, color, and perception using a restricted visual vocabulary. Developed when he was at the Bauhaus, his Kombinationschrift alphabets exhibit the school's values. Using 10 fundamental shapes based on the circle and the rectangular shape, he produced a system of lettering that was implied to be effective, easy to learn, and inexpensive to produce. These 10 shapes in mix might form any letter or number. The letterforms of this computer variation were taken straight from Albers' illustrations and notes.

P22 Albers Font Preview
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