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P22 Foxtrot Pro Font

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P22 Foxtrot ProDesigner: Torleiv Sverdrup
Publisher: IHOF
P22 Foxtrot Pro was created by Torleiv Sverdrup and published by IHOF. P22 Foxtrot Pro consists of 24 designs and household plan options. p > The style of P22 Foxtrot is influenced by the vibrant ballroom dance of the same name.

Foxtrot is a transitional antiqua with rounded serifs that includes ligatures, smallcaps, oldstyle numerals and full Central European assistance for those with applications that support OpenType functions.

The companion, Foxtrot Sans, is a sans serif variation with a little bit more jazzy expression.

Both fonts are terrific for text and screen.

Font Family:
· P22 Foxtrot Pro
· P22 Foxtrot
· P22 Foxtrot SC
· P22 Foxtrot Pro Italic
· P22 Foxtrot Italic
· P22 Foxtrot SC Italic
· P22 Foxtrot Pro Bold
· P22 Foxtrot Bold
· P22 Foxtrot SC Bold
· P22 Foxtrot Pro Bold Italic
· P22 Foxtrot Bold Italic
· P22 Foxtrot SC Bold Italic
· P22 Foxtrot Sans Pro
· P22 Foxtrot Sans
· P22 Foxtrot Sans SC
· P22 Foxtrot Sans Pro Italic
· P22 Foxtrot Sans Italic
· P22 Foxtrot Sans SC Italic
· P22 Foxtrot Sans Pro Bold
· P22 Foxtrot Sans Bold
· P22 Foxtrot Sans SC Bold
· P22 Foxtrot Sans Pro Bold Italic
· P22 Foxtrot Sans Bold Italic
· P22 Foxtrot Sans SC Bold Italic

Tags: companion, display, humanist, italic, serif, some-serifs, text, transitional

P22 Foxtrot Pro Font Preview

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