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P22 Underground Cyrillic Font

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P22 Underground CyrillicPublisher: P22 Type Foundry
P22 Underground Cyrillic is a sans serif and display sans font household. This typeface has twenty-four styles and was released by P22 Type Foundry.

Underground Pro expands on the historic style by Edward Johnston, accredited exclusively to P22 from the London Transportation Museum. The general style of Underground Pro is kept as intended by Johnston and remains within his system of proportions. Additional OpenType functions, such as Small Caps and Petite Caps, are included in all 6 weights. An Entitling option that mimics London Transport signage is provided in the medium weight. The addition of numerous unicode ranges for extraordinary language assistance makes this the most expansive P22 font household ever.

Font Family:
· P22 Underground Cyrillic Pro Thin
· P22 Underground Cyrillic Pro Light
· P22 Underground Cyrillic Pro Book
· P22 Underground Cyrillic Pro Medium
· P22 Underground Cyrillic Pro Demi
· P22 Underground Cyrillic Pro Heavy
· P22 Underground CY Thin
· P22 Underground CY Light
· P22 Underground CY Book
· P22 Underground CY Medium
· P22 Underground CY DemiBold
· P22 Underground CY Heavy
· P22 Underground CY Thin Petite Caps
· P22 Underground CY Thin Small
· P22 Underground CY Light Petite Caps
· P22 Underground CY Light Small Caps
· P22 Underground CY Book Petite Caps
· P22 Underground CY Book Small Caps
· P22 Underground CY Medium Petite Caps
· P22 Underground CY Medium Small Caps
· P22 Underground CY DemiBold Petite Caps
· P22 Underground CY DemiBold Small Caps
· P22 Underground CY Heavy Petite Caps
· P22 Underground CY Heavy Small Caps

P22 Underground Cyrillic Font Preview
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