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P22 Underground Font

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P22 UndergroundDesigner: Edward Johnston
Publisher: P22
P22 Underground was created by Edward Johnston and released by P22. P22 Underground includes 76 designs and household plan options. p > Underground Pro expands on the historical design by Edward Johnston, licensed solely to P22 from the London Transport Museum. The general style of Underground Pro is kept as planned by Johnston and remains within his system of percentages. Extra OpenType functions, such as Little Caps and Petite Caps, are consisted of in all 6 weights. An Entitling alternative that simulates London Transport signage is provided in the medium weight. The addition of many Unicode varieties for unprecedented language support makes this the most expansive P22 font style family ever. Each Pro typeface weight jointly consists of over 5000 glyphs, covering most Latin based languages, with different Greek (polytonic) and Cyrillic variations. The outlines of the initial Regular and Vibrant have been discreetly redrawn and expanded, they are now offered as Medium and Heavy respectively.

Font Family:
· P22 Underground Pro Thin
· P22 Underground Thin
· P22 Underground Thin Petite Caps
· P22 Underground Thin Small Caps
· P22 Underground Pro Light
· P22 Underground Light
· P22 Underground Light Petite Caps
· P22 Underground Light Small Caps
· P22 Underground Pro Book
· P22 Underground Book
· P22 Underground Book Petite Caps
· P22 Underground Book Small Caps
· P22 Underground Pro Medium
· P22 Underground Medium
· P22 Underground Medium Petite Caps
· P22 Underground Medium Small Caps
· P22 Underground Pro Demi
· P22 Underground Demi
· P22 Underground Demi Petite Caps
· P22 Underground Demi Small Caps
· P22 Underground Pro Heavy
· P22 Underground Heavy
· P22 Underground Heavy Petite Caps
· P22 Underground Heavy Small Caps
· P22 Underground Pro Titling
· P22 Underground Titling A
· P22 Underground Titling B
· P22 Underground Titling C
· P22 Underground CY Pro Thin
· P22 Underground CY Thin
· P22 Underground CY Thin Petite Caps
· P22 Underground CY Thin Small Caps
· P22 Underground CY Pro Light
· P22 Underground CY Light
· P22 Underground CY Light Petite Caps
· P22 Underground CY Light Small Caps
· P22 Underground CY Pro Book
· P22 Underground CY Book
· P22 Underground CY Book Petite Caps
· P22 Underground CY Book Small Caps
· P22 Underground CY Pro Medium
· P22 Underground CY Medium
· P22 Underground CY Medium Petite Caps
· P22 Underground CY Medium Small Caps
· P22 Underground CY Pro Demi
· P22 Underground CY Demi
· P22 Underground CY Demi Petite Caps
· P22 Underground CY Demi Small Caps
· P22 Underground CY Pro Heavy
· P22 Underground CY Heavy
· P22 Underground CY Heavy Petite Caps
· P22 Underground CY Heavy Small Caps
· P22 Underground GR Pro Thin
· P22 Underground GR Thin
· P22 Underground GR Thin Petite Caps
· P22 Underground GR Thin Small Caps
· P22 Underground GR Pro Light
· P22 Underground GR Light
· P22 Underground GR Light Petite Caps
· P22 Underground GR Light Small Caps
· P22 Underground GR Pro Book
· P22 Underground GR Book
· P22 Underground GR Book Petite Caps
· P22 Underground GR Book Small Caps
· P22 Underground GR Pro Medium
· P22 Underground GR Medium
· P22 Underground GR Medium Petite Caps
· P22 Underground GR Medium Small Caps
· P22 Underground GR Pro Demi
· P22 Underground GR Demi
· P22 Underground GR Demi Petite Caps
· P22 Underground GR Demi Small Caps
· P22 Underground GR Pro Heavy
· P22 Underground GR Heavy
· P22 Underground GR Heavy Petite Caps
· P22 Underground GR Heavy Small Caps

Tags: 1920s, british, decorative, geometric, geometric sans, humanist, johnston, legible, london, metro, news, sans-serif, signage, station, subway, train

P22 Underground Font Preview
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