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Page No. 508 Font

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Page No. 508Designer: William Page
Publisher: HiH
Page No. 508 was developed by William Page and released by HiH. Page No. 508 consists of 1 style. p > Page No. 508 was designed by William Hamilton Page in 1887 as one of a series of designs for die-cut wood types for the firm of Page & & Setchell of Norwich, Connecticut. Page & & Setchell was the follower to The William H. Page Wood Type Company and was sold to the Hamilton Production Company of 2 Rivers, Wisconsin in 1891.

508 is a heavy all-caps font developed for headline work. It has a strong existence that reverses out well (light-colored type on a dark background).

Great for retro design posters.

Font Family: Page No. 508

Tags: 1800s, allcaps, all caps, american, caps only, concave, grotesk, heavy, poster, retro, wood type

Page No. 508 Font Preview

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