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Paralucent Font

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ParalucentDesigner: Rian Hughes
Publisher: Device
Paralucent was developed by Rian Hughes and released by Gadget. Paralucent contains 5 styles and family plan choices. The font style is currently # 13 in Best Sellers. p >

Paralucent is flexible all-purpose modern-day sans. Readily available in seven weights, from Thin to Heavy, and in 2 widths each with matching italics, it prevents a few of the more eccentric calligraphic peculiarities of Akzidenz or Helvetica or the cool accuracy of Univers for a sophisticated, functional, yet warm style.

There are two additions to the core 28-weight family: a three-weight stencil set, and a 4 weight text family. The text weights have been adjusted for usage at little point sizes, and function more open character shapes, looser inter-letter spacing for improved readability, and lining characters for use in listings and tables.

Several core concepts inform Paralucent's style. Prime attention has provided to the negative area between characters, providing a more even "colour", particularly in text. For instance, the J, L and T have much shorter arms than comparable sans typefaces, while the M and W are wider. The A has a lower bar, opening up the interior counter. An abnormally high lower-case x-height again assists to give a more even colour and improve legibility. Care has been required to rationalize repetitive aspects like the tails on lower-case letters, or the Q and the "ear" of the g. Typographic style solutions that are constant across all these features include more stylistic cohesion.

' Ink traps' are overstated cuts used to open up a letter's narrower internal angles, which can become obstructed with ink, especially in small point sizes. Now mostly redundant due to the high quality of modern-day print, they are still sometimes utilized as a stylistic peculiarity or style function. Now that digital font styles are often reversed or described, or enlarged to enormous sizes, these can likewise cause unanticipated or interfering results. Paralucent takes these unavoidable digital adjustments into account, and includes optical corrections without resort to ink traps.

The household has been gotten by many UK and US publishers, featuring heavily in magazines like Loaded, Heat and TELEVISION Quick, as well as high-end coffee-table photography books and gallery sites.

A seasonal Device bestseller.

Font Family:
· Paralucent Condensed Extra Light Italic
· Paralucent Condensed Demi Bold Italic
· Paralucent Stencil ExtraLight
· Paralucent Stencil Medium
· Paralucent Stencil Heavy

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Paralucent Font Preview

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