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Parangon Font

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ParangonDesigner: Anatoliy Kudryavtsev
Publisher: ParaType
Designed by Anatoliy Kudryavtsev, Parangon is a sans serif font household. This typeface has fifteen styles and was released by ParaType.

PT Parangon ™ was created in 1986-2002 by Anatoly Kudryavtsev and certified by ParaType. This type family belonges to Neogrotesque subclass of closed Sans Serif. Letterforms of lower case is based upon the custom of 1710 Civil type and some modern-day Italic types. The family has a lot of weights and designs consisting of Bonus Condensed, Condensed, Regular, Additional Light, Light, Strong, Bonus Bold. For advertising and display matter. Also it can be used for texts in marketing magazines.

Font Family:
· Parangon 130 Extra Light
· Parangon 230 Light
· Parangon 330 Regular
· Parangon 430 Bold
· Parangon 530 Extra Bold
· Parangon Extra Condensed 110 Extra Light
· Parangon Extra Condensed 210 Light
· Parangon Extra Condensed 310 Regular
· Parangon Extra Condensed 410 Bold
· Parangon Extra Condensed 510 Extra Bold
· Parangon Condensed 120 Extra Light
· Parangon Condensed 220 Light
· Parangon Condensed 320 Regular
· Parangon Condensed 420 Bold
· Parangon Condensed 520 Extra Bold

Parangon Font Preview
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