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PCTL4800 Font

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PCTL4800Designer: Ray Larabie
Publisher: Typodermic
PCTL4800 was created by Ray Larabie and released by Typodermic. PCTL4800 consists of 12 designs and household plan alternatives. p > PCTL4800 is a technical sans-serif typeface. Great designers have a depository of orthodox, technical typefaces in their tool kit. Typically, commercial typefaces have visual hints that connect them to a particular period. A retro appearance isn't always desirable, particularly if you're intending for a modern or futuristic appearance. Not so with PCTL4800 whose sober, doctrinal style eschews retro baggage without resorting to corny techno gimmickry. PCTL4800 includes one preternatural element: the corner index notch. It's meant to subtly suggest an unknown technical requirement to the reader-perhaps an orientation trigger like the notch in an SD card. If you choose a more conservative appearance without the corner notch, attempt PCTL9600. PCTL4800 consists of 6 weights and italics. Almost all existing Latin based languages are supported, consisting of Cyrillic languages and Greek.

Font Family:
· PCTL4800 ExtraLight
· PCTL4800 ExtraLight Italic
· PCTL4800 Light
· PCTL4800 Light Italic
· PCTL4800 Regular
· PCTL4800 Italic
· PCTL4800 SemiBold
· PCTL4800 SemiBold Italic
· PCTL4800 Bold
· PCTL4800 Bold Italic
· PCTL4800 Heavy
· PCTL4800 Heavy Italic

Tags: compact, cyrillic, din, greek, medical, sans-serif, science, scientific, scifi, technical, techno, vietnamese
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