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Pedestrian Font

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PedestrianDesigner: Robert Schenk
Publisher: Ingrimayne Type
Pedestrian was created by Robert Schenk and published by Ingrimayne Type. Pedestrian consists of 3 styles and household bundle choices. p >

The letters in this font are made by slicing bits from footprints. Private letters are in some cases very difficult to understand, however when put together as words they are typically understandable. In Pedestrisan-Regular, the original version of this typeface, the upper-case letters have toes on the top the lower case letters have toes on the bottom. All the feet with letters are ideal feet. The upper case and lower case do not blend. In 2020 two alternate versions were produced. In Pedestrian-Alt all toes are on the top but the lower-case letters are left feet. In Pedestrian-AltTwo all toes are on the bottom with the upper-case letters being cut from left feet and the lower case from best feet. Both the alternate designs likewise have an alternate set of numbers on the unicode circled around numbers that can also be accessed with an OpenType function.

Font Family:
· Pedestrian Regular
· Pedestrian Alt
· Pedestrian Alt Two

Tags: all caps, barefeet, caps only, cutout, foot, funny, gimmick, letterbat, novelty, playful, silly

Pedestrian Font Preview

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