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Pesto Fresco Italic Font

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Pesto Fresco ItalicDesigners: Giuseppe Salerno, Paco González
Publisher: Resistenza
Pesto Fresco Italic was developed by Giuseppe Salerno, Paco González and released by Resistenza. Pesto Fresco Italic consists of 27 styles and family plan options. p >

Pesto Fresco Italic is a brand-new version of Pesto Fresco handwritten lettering system, a font style family constructed of 27 designs. Overlapping Pesto Fresco Italic Routine with any of the other decorative designs you will get different graphic effects, so simply select the one that fits finest with your layout. This font can be utilized for different purposes from product packaging style to web design.

Font Family:
· Pesto Fresco Italic Thin
· Pesto Fresco Italic Regular
· Pesto Fresco Italic Rough
· Pesto Fresco Italic Inline
· Pesto Fresco Italic Outline
· Pesto Fresco Italic Stars
· Pesto Fresco Italic Stars 2
· Pesto Fresco Italic Stars 3
· Pesto Fresco Italic Dots
· Pesto Fresco Italic Flowers
· Pesto Fresco Italic Diamonds
· Pesto Fresco Italic Drops
· Pesto Fresco Italic Hearts
· Pesto Fresco Italic Cross
· Pesto Fresco Italic Rings
· Pesto Fresco Italic Triangles
· Pesto Fresco Italic Snow
· Pesto Fresco Italic Caffe
· Pesto Fresco Italic Nuts
· Pesto Fresco Italic Small Dots
· Pesto Fresco Italic Strips
· Pesto Fresco Italic Leaves
· Pesto Fresco Italic Stains
· Pesto Fresco Italic Shadow up left
· Pesto Fresco Italic Shadow down left
· Pesto Fresco Italic Shadow up right
· Pesto Fresco Italic Shadow down right

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