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Phiz Font

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PhizDesigner: Nick Shinn
Publisher: Shinntype
Phiz was designed by Nick Shinn and released by Shinntype. Phiz consists of 27 designs and family package choices. p > Phiz is a diverse suite of 27 decorative typefaces based on Figgins Sans Extra Bold.

Classic (9 typefaces), Rounded (7 font styles), Rough (4 fonts) and Particles (7 fonts).

The Rough and Particles designs emerge as an unique niche-neither imitating distressed printing (e.g. the "rusty" appearance), nor casual, hand-drawn designs. These type styles are developed and carried out as complex algorithmically-generated graphic treatments, in which repetitive aspects have been artfully applied to the Sans capitals, and by hand nuanced. As such they also vary considerably from textured glyph shapes that have actually been cut out from larger pattern fields, for the constituent particles are gotten rid of in relation to the specific shape of each character they specify.

The caps-with-small-caps format was chosen for 2 reasons. Firstly, entitling screen usage is predominantly capitals, and second of all, rather like optical scaling, having the exact same resolution of texture offered in two different "sizes" (upper and lower case) must show useful in the hierarchy of page layout-not primarily for setting upper and lower case text as caps-with-small-capitals, although this is obviously an option. All figures and major symbols (punctuation and currency) are provided in both cap and small cap height.

Font Family:
· Phiz
· Phiz Fill
· Phiz Inline
· Phiz Open
· Phiz Phantom
· Phiz Shadow
· Phiz Stencil
· Phiz Stencil Outline
· Phiz Stencil Rough
· Phiz Rounded
· Phiz Rounded Comstock
· Phiz Rounded Dropshadow
· Phiz Rounded Flecked
· Phiz Rounded Highlight
· Phiz Rounded Outline
· Phiz Rounded Shadow
· Phiz Rough
· Phiz Rough Flecked
· Phiz Rough Outline
· Phiz Rough Shadow
· Phiz Particles One
· Phiz Particles Two
· Phiz Particles Three
· Phiz Particles Four
· Phiz Particles Five
· Phiz Particles Six
· Phiz Particles Seven

Tags: classic, comstock, decorative, display, distress, dots, generative, headline, highlight, open, outline, random, rough, rounded, sans serif, shadow, spots, stencil, texture, titling, traditional

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