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Phoenica PRO Font

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Phoenica PROPublisher: preussTYPE
Phoenica PRO is a sans serif font family. This typeface has forty-nine designs and was published by preussTYPE.

Phoenica is a contemporary humanistic typeface family suitable for conventional high-resolution print functions, workplace application and multi-media use.

Phoenica offers to you as a welcome option to the contemporary humanistic Sansserif. It is a very versatile family for text and Corporate design uses. Several business have found PHOENICA meanwhile as a Corporate font on their own and utilize them very successfully. She supplies a decent typeface combined with refinement and elegance.

Phoenica family has six weights in regular and italic. In addition more than three great Haarline weights (Hairline 15, 25, 35). These are an overall of 27 possibilities……


Phoenica along with Phoenica Condensed are outstandingly readable fonts, due to the fact that they were optimised especially for quantity sentence. Both fundamental designs (Regular and Condensed) are tuned on each other and follow the very same form concept. The household is neither solely geometrical nor is built humanistically, the kinds were sketched on fast and light Recognition result of every single letter.


The subfamily Phoenica Mono contains monospaced typefaces. The unique feature here is that they are getting an ever broadening range with the exact same weight. To my knowledge, this is unique in typeface style.


The Phoenica household design and logo design is suited for all only conceivable usages like papers and magazines, for the book typography and Business Design.

.Font Family:
· Phoenica PRO Hairline 15
· Phoenica PRO Hairline 25
· Phoenica PRO Hairline 35
· Phoenica PRO Light
· Phoenica PRO Light Italic
· Phoenica PRO Regular
· Phoenica PRO Italic
· Phoenica PRO Medium
· Phoenica PRO Medium Italic
· Phoenica PRO Bold
· Phoenica PRO Bold Italic
· Phoenica PRO Black
· Phoenica PRO Black Italic
· Phoenica PRO Ultra Black
· Phoenica PRO Ultra Black Italic
· Phoenica PRO Condensed Light
· Phoenica PRO Condensed Light Italic
· Phoenica PRO Condensed Regular
· Phoenica PRO Condensed Italic
· Phoenica PRO Condensed Medium
· Phoenica PRO Condensed Medium Italic
· Phoenica PRO Condensed Bold
· Phoenica PRO Condensed Bold Italic
· Phoenica PRO Condensed Black
· Phoenica PRO Condensed Black Italic
· Phoenica PRO Condensed Ultra Black
· Phoenica PRO Condensed Ultra Black Italic
· Phoenica PRO Mono 0
· Phoenica PRO Mono 50
· Phoenica PRO Mono 100
· Phoenica PRO Mono 150
· Phoenica PRO Mono 200
· Phoenica PRO Mono 250
· Phoenica PRO Mono 300
· Phoenica PRO Mono 350
· Phoenica PRO Mono 400
· Phoenica PRO Mono 450
· Phoenica PRO Mono 500
· Phoenica PRO Mono 550
· Phoenica PRO Mono 600
· Phoenica PRO Mono 650
· Phoenica PRO Mono 700
· Phoenica PRO Mono 750
· Phoenica PRO Mono 800
· Phoenica PRO Mono 850
· Phoenica PRO Mono 900
· Phoenica PRO Mono 950
· Phoenica PRO Mono 1000
· Phoenica PRO Phonetic

Phoenica PRO Font Preview
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