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Pistacho Font

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PistachoDesigner: Felipe Calderón
Publisher: Estudio Calderon
Pistacho was created by Felipe Calderón and released by Estudio Calderon. Pistacho consists of 19 designs and family plan options. p > Are you looking for an appropriate typeface for coffeehouse concept?

We desire to present Pistacho, the brand-new type family of Estudio Calderon which contains 18 font styles to develop terrific illustrations and to be applied, especially, in cafe, bakeries, ice-cream shops, sweet-shop, pastry stores, fruit shops and all those places where food is the center. Pistacho was developed by hand utilizing pencils and markers that let us get a handmade and rough texture.

Below, a brief description of each design:

Display: A fresh and contemporary type, ideal to be utilized in coffeehouse outside indications. The logotype of "Central Benefit", the cafe of the television program "Pals" was our inspiration to establish this beautiful font which contains 317 characters and 3 variables: Show 1, Display 2 and Display 3, every one has particular characteristics that will be an outstanding resource for your designs.

Sans: Design which contains 7 font styles that can be mixed to get intriguing finishes in your styles, each variable has 363 characters with standard ligatures and stylistic alternatives. You can discover this styles as: Sans 1, Sans 2, Sans 3, Sans 4, Sans 5, Sans 6 and Sans 7.

Good news, you can get Sans 5 DEMONSTRATION for free.

Script: Script 1 and Script 2, 2 monolineal fonts with a generous spacing that supplies contrast and motion, being an ideal enhance for the rest of the kinds of Pistacho family.

Serif: Font style with a lot of design and character, influenced in the interlock alphabets displayed in "Photo-Lettering ´ s One Line Handbook of Style". Serif 1, Serif 2, Serif 3 and Serif 4 contain a variety of ligatures that produce good compositions by combining them. One of the qualities of this design is the combination of upper case and lower case providing as an outcome a different touch in each design.

Soft: Humanist type with a rustic texture and geometric forms ideal for long texts and small sizes.

Dingbats: We have actually developed a bundle of 244 graphics, illustrations and ornaments that are the ideal complement to integrate with each typeface of this family.

Get Pistacho type household, enjoy using it ... and do not forget your cup of coffee.

Font Family:
· Pistacho Display 1
· Pistacho Display 2
· Pistacho Display 3
· Pistacho Sans 1
· Pistacho Sans 2
· Pistacho Sans 3
· Pistacho Sans 4
· Pistacho Sans 5
· Pistacho Sans 5 free demo
· Pistacho Sans 6
· Pistacho Sans 7
· Pistacho Script 1
· Pistacho Script 2
· Pistacho Serif 1
· Pistacho Serif 2
· Pistacho Serif 3
· Pistacho Serif 4
· Pistacho Soft
· Pistacho Dingbats

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Pistacho Font Preview

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