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Plener Font

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PlenerDesigner: Ana Prodanovic
Publisher: LetterPalette
Plener was created by Ana Prodanovic and released by LetterPalette. Plener contains 30 styles and household bundle options. p > Plener is a type family of layered fonts offered in 4 weights: Light, Regular, Strong and Heavy. The residential or commercial properties of layered fonts are matched with the classical type family structure, that makes Plener specific. The letters have humanist origins, analyzed expressively with short brush strokes separated in layers. These humanist types keep the text embeded in Plein Air surprisingly readable. Layer structure allows the user to have fun with colors and openness, offering the text more personal feel.

Plener is available in 2 additional designs, made of layers from the Light and Heavy weight. These new, display styles, called Plener LLH and Plener LHH are separated from the main family.

Also, there is a Plener Initials package. It includes uppercase and lowercase made from six layers. Using openness and a couple of colors, the user can get rich and colorful initials.

To make the work much easier, we produced fundamental typefaces out of merged layers (for every weight and design except for the Initials). We recommend users to set the text utilizing these fundamental font styles first, then to apply opacity value lower than 100%. When pleased, copy the text on several layers, altering the typeface to Layer A, B, and C. Apply a special color to the text on each layer or utilize the same color but different opacity value.

Plener font styles have the following features: ligatures, oldstyle figures, proportional and tabular lining figures, portions, and so on. Besides, there are fifteen dingbats set as discretionary ligatures.

For some extra suggestions on how to work with Plener household, see the pdf file attached to the gallery.

Font Family:
· Plener Light
· Plener Light Layer A
· Plener Light Layer B
· Plener Light Layer C
· Plener Regular
· Plener Regular Layer A
· Plener Regular Layer B
· Plener Regular Layer C
· Plener Bold
· Plener Bold Layer A
· Plener Bold Layer B
· Plener Bold Layer C
· Plener Heavy
· Plener Heavy Layer A
· Plener Heavy Layer B
· Plener Heavy Layer C
· Plener Initials Layer A
· Plener Initials Layer B
· Plener Initials Layer C
· Plener Initials Layer D
· Plener Initials Layer E
· Plener Initials Layer F
· Plener LHH Basic
· Plener LHH Layer A
· Plener LHH Layer B
· Plener LHH Layer C
· Plener LLH Basic
· Plener LLH Layer A
· Plener LLH Layer B
· Plener LLH Layer C

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