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Pliego Font

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PliegoDesigner: Juanjo Lopez
Publisher: Huy!Fonts
Developed by Juanjo Lopez, Pliego is a serif font family. This typeface has ten designs and was published by Huy!Fonts.

A Pliego is a textface created to use a comfy continuous reading, with humanist percentages, an even texture, and informal calligraphic information noticeable just at big sizes, that gives it a modern sensation.

Pliego has been called after Pliegos de Cordel, the Spanish word for the popular books that prevailed during the XVI, XVII and XVIII centuries. These were rough, cheap books that essentially consisted in a folded sheet connected to a string, hence the name. Their content was varied, from popular tales to ballads and songs, but likewise crimes and secrets. They were inexpensively made, roughly printed and bound. The name Pliego evokes the idea of a rough look, angular edges, informal taste, but classical look.

To cover today's requirements, Pliego includes 5 weights with matching italics. Designed and crafted for continuous reading, the Book, Regular and Medium weights will perform at their finest under 14 points. Nevertheless, don't be terrified to use for headlines and titles: due to the fact that of its wacky information and calligraphic flavour, Pliego's personality is accentuated when bigger.

With an extensive Latin character set, Pliego covers a broad amount of Latin-based languages, including Latin Plus encoding and Vietnamese support.

Font Family:
· Pliego Book
· Pliego Book Italic
· Pliego Regular
· Pliego Italic
· Pliego Medium
· Pliego Medium Italic
· Pliego Semi Bold
· Pliego Semi Bold Italic
· Pliego Bold
· Pliego Bold Italic

Pliego Font Preview
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