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Pollen Font

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PollenDesigner: Eduardo Berliner
Publisher: TypeTogether
Pollen was developed by Eduardo Berliner and released by TypeTogether. Pollen includes 4 designs and household plan options. p > This typeface discovers an ideal balance between technical quality, mindful design of letter kinds for prolonged reading, and a measured dosage of beauty and personality. Its casual feel enables for effectively typesetting a vast array of applications, from publications and fiction books to advertising and sites.

Calligraphy, be it finished with the broad-edge pen, brush, or other tools, has actually been basic in the development of Pollen. Its impact is clearly visible in the building and construction of the leading serifs contrasting the curved bottom serifs and the fluid aspect of terminals and tails, such as on "g" and "r". The shapes of the diagonal letters are based upon a less official calligraphic model, but still uses the broad edge pen. The letters were then subject to a further process of pencil illustration and digital re-interpretation, which provided the final shape.

The designs of "e" and "c" are stemmed from illustrations made with just one continuous line, with the pencil always touching the paper. The letters "g" and "y" reveal the intent to bring informal aspects to a typeface planned for long text reading, normally characteristic of casual writing.

Pollen consists of 3 fundamental styles with an extended OpenType Pro character set and big language support, completely serving the most common typographic needs.

Font Family:
· Pollen
· Pollen Italic
· Pollen Bold
· Pollen Bold Italic

Tags: book, calligraphic, character, contemporary, editorial, elegant, friendly, legible, lively, logotype headline, magazine, poetic, poetry, prose, serif, smallcaps, soft, sunny, text, warm

Pollen Font Preview

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