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Prêt-à-porter Font

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Prêt-à-porterDesigner: Juan Pablo de Gregorio
Publisher: Latinotype
Created by Juan Pablo De Gregorio, Prêt-à-porter is a multiple category typeface family. This typeface has twenty-nine designs and was published by Latinotype.

Prêt- à-porter is a task established as part of a series of type experiments appearing on the blog site ‘‘ Letritas'. Prêt-à-porter is a very expressive friendly font with a handwritten appearance, smooth curves and strong identity. Its counterforms make it a carefree, wild, pleasant, light and extremely readable typeface.

This type system includes two Script families-Contrast and Linear-and a Slab household. The Contrast set works as a complement, providing more sophistication and official refinement. Both Direct and Contrast been available in 5 weights plus Accessories, which can be used as initial and terminal kinds given that they have actually been designed for linking with each letter.

Linear and Contrast households include ligatures and the entire typeface household supports 208 various languages.

Font Family:
· Prêt-à-porter Contrast Thin
· Prêt-à-porter Contrast Light
· Prêt-à-porter Contrast Regular
· Prêt-à-porter Contrast Semi Bold
· Prêt-à-porter Contrast Bold
· Prêt-à-porter Contrast Ornament Thin
· Prêt-à-porter Contrast Ornament Light
· Prêt-à-porter Contrast Ornament Regular
· Prêt-à-porter Contrast Ornament Semi Bold
· Prêt-à-porter Contrast Ornament Bold
· Prêt-à-porter Linear Thin
· Prêt-à-porter Linear Light
· Prêt-à-porter Linear Regular
· Prêt-à-porter Linear Bold
· Prêt-à-porter Linear Heavy
· Prêt-à-porter Linear Ornament Thin
· Prêt-à-porter Linear Ornament Light
· Prêt-à-porter Linear Ornament Regular
· Prêt-à-porter Linear Ornament Bold
· Prêt-à-porter Linear Ornament Heavy
· Prêt-à-porter Slab Thin
· Prêt-à-porter Slab Extra Light
· Prêt-à-porter Slab Ultra Light
· Prêt-à-porter Slab Light
· Prêt-à-porter Slab Normal
· Prêt-à-porter Slab Regular
· Prêt-à-porter Slab Bold
· Prêt-à-porter Slab Extra Bold
· Prêt-à-porter Slab Heavy

Prêt-à-porter Font Preview
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