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Protipo Font

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ProtipoDesigners: Veronika Burian, José Scaglione
Publisher: TypeTogether
Protipo was developed by Veronika Burian, José Scaglione and released by TypeTogether. Protipo contains 52 designs and family bundle choices. p > Protipo helps info designers work smarter.

Veronika Burian and José Scaglione's Protipo type family is a details designer's tool kit: a low-contrast sans of 3 text widths with a separate heading household, accompanied by an outstanding two-weight icon set, and working with the innovative variable (VAR) font style format. From yearly reports and wayfinding to front page infographics and poster use, designers consistently rely on the simplicity and starkness of monstrous sans font styles to get their point across. Protipo is produced such environments.

When developing details you may begin with the headline, which in the case of this family is called Protipo Compact and is available in 8 weights. From Hairline to Black, set it big, overlap it, or let it run off the page. Protipo Compact was made to strike difficult and draw in attention with a different character set and various percentages than the three text typefaces. It sets the stage for what's to come.

Great details designers are aces at combining type and function, so we've stacked the Protipo household with Narrow, Regular, and Wide variations as a method of arranging your details and directing the reader. Each width has seven unique weights (light to bold) and italics, while maintaining the round-rect shapes of its DNA. Subtle information enhance its location in the typographic universe, like an 'a' and 'e' that go from strong to supple when italicising, an 'f' that gains an italic descender, 2 versions of the lowercase 'r' and 'l', and clipped corners on diagonals to keep the tight fit inherent to this type of design work.

Protipo is not suggested to be loudmouthed, however stakes its claim through improvement, breadth, and impact. Some modifications in the beginning don't appear significant, however the Protipo family doesn't handle text like most in its category. Protipo helps readers find and process information in a clear and unequivocal way and accounts for the intricacy included in rendering big amounts of information while still interesting aesthetics.

Protipo is perfect in all useful circumstances: apps, infographics, UI, wayfinding, transport, posters, display screen, and even internet memes. Include to all this the icon sets and upcoming variable font ability, and you're guaranteed a level of imagination, efficiency, and influence on a much higher scale.

Font Family:
· Protipo Compact Hairline
· Protipo Compact Thin
· Protipo Compact Light
· Protipo Compact Regular
· Protipo Compact Semibold
· Protipo Compact Bold
· Protipo Compact Extrabold
· Protipo Compact Black
· Protipo Narrow Light
· Protipo Narrow Light Italic
· Protipo Narrow Regular
· Protipo Narrow Italic
· Protipo Narrow Medium
· Protipo Narrow Medium Italic
· Protipo Narrow Semibold
· Protipo Narrow Semibold Italic
· Protipo Narrow Bold
· Protipo Narrow Bold Italic
· Protipo Narrow Extrabold
· Protipo Narrow Extrabold Italic
· Protipo Narrow Black
· Protipo Narrow Black Italic
· Protipo Light
· Protipo Light Italic
· Protipo Regular
· Protipo Italic
· Protipo Semibold
· Protipo Semibold Italic
· Protipo Medium
· Protipo Medium Italic
· Protipo Bold
· Protipo Bold Italic
· Protipo Extrabold
· Protipo Extrabold Italic
· Protipo Black
· Protipo Black Italic
· Protipo Wide Light
· Protipo Wide Light Italic
· Protipo Wide
· Protipo Wide Italic
· Protipo Wide Medium
· Protipo Wide Medium Italic
· Protipo Wide Semibold
· Protipo Wide Semibold Italic
· Protipo Wide Bold
· Protipo Wide Bold Italic
· Protipo Wide Extrabold
· Protipo Wide Extrabold Italic
· Protipo Wide Black
· Protipo Wide Black Italic
· Protipo Icons Bold
· Protipo Icons

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