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Quell Font

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QuellDesigner: Johannes Neumeier
Publisher: Underscore
Designed by Johannes Neumeier, Quell is a sans serif font style household. This typeface has twenty-four styles and was released by Underscore.

Quell is an unique attempt to bridge the space between geometrically constructed shapes on the one hand, and modulated strokes and subtle calligraphic influence on the other hand. The visual stress in Quell stems from dispute between two tendencies: The perfectly round shapes are geometrically built, yet the contrast of stroke widths and oblique line terminations recommend calligraphic roots.

How this dualism affects typographic impression is up to designers and typographers using Quell-- as variable typeface the seamless transition in between modulated contrast and linear appearance offers unique typographic possibilities. Linear look gives the text a strong and engaging voice, whereas the modulated styles convey sophistication, vibrance and a delicate tone.

Quell is fit to show setting, headings, method finding and identity. The combination of direct and contrast variants offers typographic range to communicate various stance while rooted in the very same visual heritage. In other words paragraph typesetting the typefaces have a modern-day appearance and characterful tone, but ought to not be excessive used for longer texts.

Quell has actually remained in development for over a year, and is the proud 3rd release under the Underscore label. Released in 2018 this style by Johannes Neumeier is offered from the Underscore webshop in addition to picked retailers.

Font Family:
· Quell Contrast Thin
· Quell Contrast Thin Oblique
· Quell Contrast Light
· Quell Contrast Light Oblique
· Quell Contrast Regular
· Quell Contrast oblique
· Quell Contrast Medium
· Quell Contrast Medium Oblique
· Quell Contrast Bold
· Quell Contrast Bold Oblique
· Quell Contrast Extra Bold
· Quell Contrast Extra Bold Oblique
· Quell Linear Thin
· Quell Linear Thin Oblique
· Quell Linear Light
· Quell Linear Light Oblique
· Quell Linear Regular
· Quell Linear oblique
· Quell Linear Medium
· Quell Linear Medium Oblique
· Quell Linear Bold
· Quell Linear Bold Oblique
· Quell Linear Extra Bold
· Quell Linear Extra Bold Oblique

Quell Font Preview
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