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Quendel Font

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QuendelDesigner: Anita Jürgeleit
Publisher: URW Type Foundry
Quendel was developed by Anita Jürgeleit and released by URW Type Foundry. Quendel includes 6 styles and household bundle alternatives. p > Quendel has been expanded to become Quendel Delighted Household. Apart from the brand-new Vibrant weight for simple distinction and emphasis, there are now four other very interesting variations, rendering various writing tools and composing products. The basic type of Quendel was composed with a Japanese bamboo tip and for that reason embodies a kind letter of natural circulation. The brand-new versions show other features that provide the feel of composed scripts. While the designs Wood and Crayon consist of some alternate characters, Q Marking Pen and Q Fingertip, due to their apparently more complicated enacted forms, do not require extra alternates without looking stiff or dull. The wood relief of Quendel Wood was developed by a freehand wood relief drawn with oiled chalk. Quendel Marking Pen appears to be written with a felt-tip pen soon diminished. At the same time it is also similar to the blooming impact, which we understand from photography. The name of Quendel Fingertip suggests what can be seen - someone seems to have written with the finger in a grainy product. One want to try it himself. The result of damaged lines which can be gained by writing with chalk as reflected in Quendel Crayon. Nearly like dry sandy soil, the writing product appears to crumble.

Font Family:
· Quendel
· Quendel Bold
· Quendel Wood
· Quendel Crayon
· Quendel Marking Pen
· Quendel Fingertip

Tags: decorative, dynamic, expressive, handwriting, peppy, strong

Quendel Font Preview
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