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Quiche Font

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QuicheDesigner: Adam Ladd
Publisher: Adam Ladd
Created by Adam Ladd, Quiche is a sans serif, stencil and display sans font household. This typeface has fifty-two styles and was published by Adam Ladd.

Quiche is a high-contrast, sans serif typeface featuring ball terminals and angled stems. This 52 typeface superfamily is a complete branding suite. The 4 subfamilies-- Show, Fine, Stencil, and Text-- were developed to work harmoniously together based upon the requirement. With weights ranging from thin to black and matching italics, there are a range of applications that the fonts can be utilized for: print, web, branding, advertising, publications, products, packaging, labels, etc.

The style is influenced by the serif didone genre, identified by its elegance and severe thick/thins, but it eliminates the serifs for a distinct and modern-day expression. The high-contrast style radiates elegance, while the ball terminals stabilize it by softening the overall seek to make it feel a little more approachable.

For large type settings, like headings and titles, utilize Quiche Display, Fine, or Stencil. The Great designs have the highest contrast, so their charm shines at truly plus sizes. For smaller sized type settings, like body copy and decks, use Quiche Text. It has less contrast and looser character spacing, making it a much better reading experience at these sizes.

Quiche has many OpenType features, consisting of: stylistic alternates, swash capitals, ligatures, small caps (Text styles only), fractions, subscripts, and superscripts. This font style has comprehensive Latin language support for Western, Central, and South Eastern European.

Font Family:
· Quiche Display Thin
· Quiche Display Thin Italic
· Quiche Display Light
· Quiche Display Light Italic
· Quiche Display Regular
· Quiche Display Italic
· Quiche Display Medium
· Quiche Display Medium Italic
· Quiche Display Bold
· Quiche Display Bold Italic
· Quiche Display Extra Bold
· Quiche Display Extra Bold Italic
· Quiche Display Black
· Quiche Display Black Italic
· Quiche Fine Thin
· Quiche Fine Thin Italic
· Quiche Fine Light
· Quiche Fine Light Italic
· Quiche Fine Regular
· Quiche Fine Italic
· Quiche Fine Medium
· Quiche Fine Medium Italic
· Quiche Fine Bold
· Quiche Fine Bold Italic
· Quiche Fine Extra Bold
· Quiche Fine Extra Bold Italic
· Quiche Fine Black
· Quiche Fine Black Italic
· Quiche Stencil Thin
· Quiche Stencil Thin Italic
· Quiche Stencil Light
· Quiche Stencil Light Italic
· Quiche Stencil Regular
· Quiche Stencil Italic
· Quiche Stencil Medium
· Quiche Stencil Medium Italic
· Quiche Stencil Bold
· Quiche Stencil Bold Italic
· Quiche Stencil Extra Bold
· Quiche Stencil Extra Bold Italic
· Quiche Stencil Black
· Quiche Stencil Black Italic
· Quiche Text Light
· Quiche Text Light Italic
· Quiche Text Regular
· Quiche Text Italic
· Quiche Text Medium
· Quiche Text Medium Italic
· Quiche Text Bold
· Quiche Text Bold Italic
· Quiche Text Extra Bold
· Quiche Text Extra Bold Italic

Quiche Font Preview
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