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Quilt Patterns Two Font

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Quilt Patterns TwoDesigner: Gerald Gallo
Publisher: Gerald Gallo
Quilt Patterns Two was created by Gerald Gallo and released by Gerald Gallo. Quilt Patterns 2 includes 1 style. p > Quilt Patterns 2 was motivated by the patchwork designs used in quiltmaking in early America. There is an assortment of 94 patterns located under the character set and shift+ character set keys.

Quilt Patterns 2 is based upon the nine spot pattern, a block that is 3 squares by 3 squares, the most basic and most common. The nine spot pattern can be subdivided into 6 squares by 6 squares, 9 squares by 9 squares, etc.

Characters of Quilt Patterns Two can be typed in a vector drawing program and after that converted to paths/outlines, color may then be included to numerous parts of a given pattern. Patterns can be stacked horizontally and vertically creating a boundless number of quilt designs.

Font Family: Quilt Patterns Two

Tags: art, folk, geometric, non-alphabetic, patterns, quilt, symbol

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