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Quodlibet Serif Font

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Quodlibet SerifDesigners: Rostislav Vaněk, Tomáš Nedoma
Publisher: Signature Type Foundry
Quodlibet Serif was created by Rostislav Vaněk, Tomáš Nedoma and released by Signature Type Foundry. Quodlibet Serif consists of 14 styles and household plan choices. p > The new typeface system is based on legibility of Renaissance and Baroque Antiqua. It maintains the quality of illustrations without an overwhelming historical legacy. The present concept makes the system a universal whole. Abrading of sharp edges which might catch one's attention leads to a fine rounding of information. In this method, a sans drawing does not look hard and sterilized unlike the majority of its contemporaries. Unique attention was paid to every information of each letter. The expert question of how to include brightening wedges into the dark places of specific strokes' starts was dealt with by rounded shapes that have their graphic response in the information of the serifs. Particularly in bigger sizes the typeface provides drawing elegance and dimensional interconnection. Apart from Cyrillic alphabet, the alphabet design includes Vietnamese accents.

Font Family:
· Quodlibet Serif Thin
· Quodlibet Serif Thin Italic
· Quodlibet Serif Light
· Quodlibet Serif Light Italic
· Quodlibet Serif
· Quodlibet Serif Italic
· Quodlibet Serif Semi Bold
· Quodlibet Serif Semi Bold Italic
· Quodlibet Serif Bold
· Quodlibet Serif Bold Italic
· Quodlibet Serif Extra Bold
· Quodlibet Serif Extra Bold Italic
· Quodlibet Serif Black
· Quodlibet Serif Black Italic

Tags: book, books, capital sharp s, contemporary, cyrillic, family, legible, magazine, newspaper, oldstyle figures, paired, serif, small caps, text, timeless, transitional, versal eszett, vietnamese, workhorse

Quodlibet Serif Font Preview
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