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Rachele Font

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RachelePublisher: Resistenza.es
Rachele is a script font family. This typeface has forty styles and was published by Resistenza.es.

Rachele is a mono line based script thin font. Inspired on the cute “Italian Bella Scrittura” handwriting but influenced by Spencerian.
This script supports Latin and Cyrillic encoding. This is the first Cyrillic font designed by us. Ornaments and ligatures make this hand more fluent and  offering round stroke endings and a flowing shape. Rachele is a big family, its stroke expand into extra light till medium and passing through a calligraphic/ribbon effect.  At the same time the width varies, that’s make this script even more flexible, from Ultra Condensed to Super Extended. Enjoy it.

Font Family:
· Rachele Extrathin Super
· Rachele Thin Super
· Rachele Light Super
· Rachele Super
· Rachele Medium Super
· Rachele Ribbon Super
· Rachele Ribbon Bold Super
· Rachele Ribbon Black Super
· Rachele Extrathin Exp
· Rachele Thin Exp
· Rachele Light Exp
· Rachele Exp
· Rachele Medium Exp
· Rachele Ribbon Exp
· Rachele Ribbon Bold Exp
· Rachele Ribbon Black Exp
· Rachele Extrathin Semi
· Rachele Thin Semi
· Rachele Light Semi
· Rachele Semi
· Rachele Medium Semi
· Rachele Ribbon Semi
· Rachele Ribbon Bold Semi
· Rachele Ribbon Black Semi
· Rachele Extrathin Cd
· Rachele Thin Cd
· Rachele Light Cd
· Rachele Cd
· Rachele Medium Cd
· Rachele Ribbon Cd
· Rachele Ribbon Bold Cd
· Rachele Ribbon Black Cd
· Rachele Extrathin UltrCd
· Rachele Thin UltrCd
· Rachele Light UltrCd
· Rachele UltrCd
· Rachele Medium UltrCd
· Rachele Ribbon UltrCd
· Rachele Ribbon Bold UltrCd
· Rachele Ribbon Black UltrCd

Rachele Font Preview
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