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REM Orange Font

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REM OrangeDesigners: Michael Stipe,
Publisher: Positype
Michael Stipe and Chris Bilheimer have actually been developing all of the art and design for R.E.M. together for 15 years. Their work together has actually gathered 3 Grammy nominations for Finest Bundle Style and offered more than 15 million copies world-wide. Both attended the fine arts program at the University of Georgia. Michael Stipe, vocalist and lyricist, formed R.E.M. in 1980. Bilheimer began working with the band in 1994. While continuing to sing with R.E.M., Stipe is likewise a passionate professional photographer and film producer. Bilheimer continues to operate in the music market, art directing bands such as Green Day and Weezer.

From Neil Summerour:

From time to time, Chris would approach me with technical concerns regarding the develop of fonts for the numerous jobs he was dealing with. Over the years, I have actually been able to aid with some fantastic work for R.E.M. and Green Day. I eventually approached Chris, asking him to launch these to the general public ... in each case, the font styles would require substantial engineering, development of missing out on glyphs and diacritics to make the using better globally-- I was more than happy to do this in order to make these offered. Three font styles were chosen for the collection. Each are texturally distinct and fantastic representations of the kinetic and interpretative qualities type, style and music can produce.

All Original Work is Copyright R.E.M Athens

Tags: antiqued, display, grunge, headline, ke-collar, ke-laundrymark, music, packaging, r.e.m, .rock, rock n roll, rough, stencil

REM Orange Font Preview
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