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Righteous Font

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RighteousDesigner: Asep Rendi
Publisher: Arendxstudio
Righteous was created by Asep Rendi and published by Arendxstudio. Exemplary includes 3 designs and household plan alternatives. p >

Righteous is a font style with distinctive handwritten characters, best for branding tasks, logo designs, wedding event designs, media posts, advertisements, product packaging, product designs, labels, photography, watermarks, invites, stationery, and any task that requires a handwritten touch.

Features: - Character Set A-Z - Characters & & Punctuations (OpenType Standard) - Accents (Multi-lingual characters) - Ligatures - Alternates - Swashes

There it is! I truly hope you enjoy it - remarks & & likes are always welcome and accepted. More importantly, don't think twice to send a message if you have an issue or question.Now just read this, go there and make it happen.

Font Family:
· Righteous Regular
· Righteous Alt
· Righteous Swash

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