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Rleud Font

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RleudDesigner: Stawix Ruecha
Publisher: Stawix
Rleud was created by Stawix Ruecha and released by Stawix. Rleud consists of 164 designs. p > Finally in 2014 "RLEUD" [Pronounced Loyd] is now completed and prepared for your design. It was started in 2012 by utilizing DIN as motivation with the mood of commercial style and combination of humanist design from Dax. The idea is to make this a multifunction typeface that can be utilized in any scenario, such as digital devices or print matter, and even headings or little text on a page. This is the answer to your needs-you will not have to invest in other font styles for a while.

RLEUD Font is a family of 160 font styles: 10 weights with small caps set and their italics and 4 widths (Regular, Condensed, Narrow and Prolonged). Opentype features consist of styling alternate letters and Tabular function for numbers, more ligatures and a really special four-weight demo free of charge.

Font Family:
· Rleud Demo Light
· Rleud Demo Light Italic
· Rleud Demo SC Light
· Rleud Demo SC Light Italic
· Rleud UltraLight
· Rleud SC UltraLight
· Rleud UltraLight Italic
· Rleud SC UltraLight Italic
· Rleud Thin
· Rleud SC Thin
· Rleud Thin Italic
· Rleud SC Thin Italic
· Rleud ExtraLight
· Rleud SC ExtraLight
· Rleud ExtraLight Italic
· Rleud SC ExtraLight Italic
· Rleud Light
· Rleud SC Light
· Rleud Light Italic
· Rleud SC Light Italic
· Rleud
· Rleud SC
· Rleud Italic
· Rleud SC Italic
· Rleud Medium
· Rleud SC Medium
· Rleud Medium Italic
· Rleud SC Medium Italic
· Rleud Demi
· Rleud SC Demi
· Rleud Demi Italic
· Rleud SC Demi Italic
· Rleud Bold
· Rleud SC Bold
· Rleud Bold Italic
· Rleud SC Bold Italic
· Rleud Heavy
· Rleud SC Heavy
· Rleud Heavy Italic
· Rleud SC Heavy Italic
· Rleud Black
· Rleud SC Black
· Rleud Black Italic
· Rleud SC Black Italic
· Rleud Condensed UltraLight
· Rleud Condensed SC UltraLight
· Rleud Condensed UltraLight Italic
· Rleud Condensed SC UltraLight Italic
· Rleud Condensed Thin
· Rleud Condensed SC Thin
· Rleud Condensed Thin Italic
· Rleud Condensed SC Thin Italic
· Rleud Condensed ExtraLight
· Rleud Condensed SC ExtraLight
· Rleud Condensed ExtraLight Italic
· Rleud Condensed SC ExtraLight Italic
· Rleud Condensed Light
· Rleud Condensed SC Light
· Rleud Condensed Light Italic
· Rleud Condensed SC Light Italic
· Rleud Condensed
· Rleud Condensed SC
· Rleud Condensed Italic
· Rleud Condensed SC Italic
· Rleud Condensed Medium
· Rleud Condensed SC Medium
· Rleud Condensed Medium Italic
· Rleud Condensed SC Medium Italic
· Rleud Condensed Demi
· Rleud Condensed SC Demi
· Rleud Condensed Demi Italic
· Rleud Condensed SC Demi Italic
· Rleud Condensed Bold
· Rleud Condensed SC Bold
· Rleud Condensed Bold Italic
· Rleud Condensed SC Bold Italic
· Rleud Condensed Heavy
· Rleud Condensed SC Heavy
· Rleud Condensed Heavy Italic
· Rleud Condensed SC Heavy Italic
· Rleud Condensed Black
· Rleud Condensed SC Black
· Rleud Condensed Black Italic
· Rleud Condensed SC Black Italic
· Rleud Narrow UltraLight
· Rleud Narrow SC UltraLight
· Rleud Narrow UltraLight Italic
· Rleud Narrow SC UltraLight Italic
· Rleud Narrow Thin
· Rleud Narrow SC Thin
· Rleud Narrow Thin Italic
· Rleud Narrow SC Thin Italic
· Rleud Narrow ExtraLight
· Rleud Narrow SC ExtraLight
· Rleud Narrow ExtraLight Italic
· Rleud Narrow SC ExtraLight Italic
· Rleud Narrow Light
· Rleud Narrow SC Light
· Rleud Narrow Light Italic
· Rleud Narrow SC Light Italic

Tags: advertising, alternates, black, bold, business, clean, condesnsed, contemporary, corporate, demo, din, display, editorial, extended, extra light, family, formal, grotesk, grotesque, headline, heavy, industrial sans, informal, latin 2, legible, light, logo, magazine, manual, market, medium, modern, modern serif, monoline, narrow, neutral, news, plain, poster, readable, sans, sans-serif, small caps, stationery, stylistic set, superfamily, text, thick, thin, true italic, ultra light, web, wide

Rleud Font Preview

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