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Rocky Font

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RockyDesigner: Siti Nurjanah
Publisher: NJ Studio
Rocky was designed by Siti Nurjanah and published by NJ Studio. Rocky contains 2 styles and family package options. The font is currently #49 in Hot New Fonts. p>PHTMLHi...Thank for your visit :)PCHTMLPHTMLPCHTMLPHTMLRocky modern sans font. It features tall characters that will take your projects to the next level!PCHTMLPHTMLThis font is PUA code which means you can easily access all the glyphs that are full of sans! It also features many special features including glyphs. font designs that are made for various vector designs, printing such as digital wedding blogs, online shops, social media, while printing can be used in the field of product clothing, accessories, bags, pins, logos, business cards, watermarks and many others ...PCHTMLPHTMLso it can make your product look sans and attractive, and also Multilingual support!!!PCHTMLPHTMLPCHTMLPHTMLHappy design ...PCHTML

Font Family:
· Rocky Regular
· Rocky Italic

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