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Roos Font

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RoosPublisher: Canada Type
Roos is a several category typeface family. This typeface has 10 designs and was released by Canada Type.

The Roos household is a digitization and expansion of the last typeface designed by Sjoerd Hendrik De Roos, called De Roos Romein (and Cursief). It was designed and produced throughout the years of the second World War, and revealed in the summer of 1947 to commemorate De Roos's 70th birthday. In 1948, the very first font styles produced were utilized for an unique edition of the Dutch Constitution on which Juliana took the oath during her inauguration as the Queen of the Netherlands. To this day this typeface is commonly concerned as De Roos's best style, with one of the most stunning italics ever drawn.

In contrast with all his previous roman deals with, which were based on the Jenson model, De Roos's last type remembers the letter kinds of the Renaissance, specifically those of Claude Garamont from around 1530, however with a much refined and stylish treatment, with stems sloping towards the ascending, slightly cupped serifs, a tall and recognized lowercase, and a financial width that actually shines in the incredible italic, which balances exceptionally well with its roman partner.

The Roos household includes romans, italics and little caps in routine, semibold and show weights, in addition to a splendid set of preliminary caps. All the typefaces include prolonged language support, exceeding the typical Western Latin codepages to consist of characters for Central and Eastern European languages, as well as Baltic, Celtic/Welsh, Esperanto, Maltese, and Turkish.

Font Family:
· Roos Display
· Roos Display Italic
· Roos Roman
· Roos Roman Italic
· Roos SemiBold
· Roos SemiBold Italic
· Roos Display SC
· Roos Roman SC
· Roos SemiBold SC
· Roos Initials

Roos Font Preview
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