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Royal Sans Font

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Royal SansDesigner: Gert Wiescher
Publisher: Wiescher Design
"Royal Sans" is the Mother of all "Sans" typefaces. Around 1880 Ferdinand Theinhardt developed this typeface for usage in clinical publications. By developing his "Royal Grotesk" for the "Royal-Prussian-Academy of Sciences in Berlin" Ferdinand Theinhardt received instant approval and appraisal for his brand-new typeface. His own foundry "Theinhardt Schriftgiesserei" published four weights under the name "Royal Grotesk". Five years later he offered his foundry to the "Sibling Mosig and Oskar Mommen". In 1908-- the already well-known-- "H. Berthold AG" purchased that foundry and published the Royal-fonts under the new name "Akzidenz Grotesk". In those days letters needed to have serifs in order to be real typefaces. "Sans" typefaces of that time were declined as "real typefaces", they were something "weird". In German strange translates to "grotesk", hence Akzidenz-Grotesk! "Akzidenz" is a German technical term of those days that meant "little typesetting tasks", like brochures, organization cards, letterheads and so on. Akzidenz-Grotesk in fact suggests-- odd typeface for small jobs. In 2015 in Berlin I found some type-samples of Theinhardts "Royal Grotesk" in Erik Spiekermanns substantial library and was instantly committed to restore the initial typeface with most of its inconsistencies. I added some weights and corresponding italic cuts with a light slant. I developed small-caps, all sort of numbers in addition to ligatures and currency symbols, I likewise included the necessary diacritics in order to make the typeface functional for most latin-writing languages. Royal Sans 12-Pack consists of the following cuts: XLight and XLight-Italic, Light and Light-Italic, Medium and Medium-Italic, Roman and Roman-Italic, Strong and Bold-Italic in addition to Black and Black-Italic. The Medium weight is lighter than the Roman and can be used to typeset a lighter but sturdy body-copy. This package is most useful for all kinds of tasks and will never let you down in terms of sophistication and functionality. It is a great offer at this low "12-Pack" price. Enjoy this original font style!

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