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Sanserata Font

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SanserataDesigner: Gerard Unger
Publisher: TypeTogether
Sanserata was created by Gerard Unger and published by TypeTogether. Sanserata includes 14 styles and household package options. p > Dr. Gerard Unger broadens the idea of Sanserata to a sans type household with Sanserata, adding specific qualities which improve reading. Sanserata's creativity does not overtly emerge at text sizes. Rather, at those sizes, it draws upon its massive x-height, brief extenders, and articulated terminals to enhance readability, particularly on screens.

Having articulated terminals suggests characters flare as they near their end, however readers most likely won't discover. What they would observe is that their ability to take in more content in a line of text is improved because the lettershapes are more specified. Articulation likewise makes clearer text from digital sources, where rectangular endings tend to get rounded by the emission of light from the screen.

Lately there seems a whispered discontent with the absence of development in the sans serif classification. Styles can either extend too far beyond what is accepted or be too bland to be thought about brand-new. Sanserata's strength remains in being brilliant and unique without being off-putting. This bodes well for designers of paragraphs and of branding plans since, with Sanserata's two tastes, it is well able to record attention or simply set the tone. Sanserata's very first voice is a generous, friendly, and even joyful sans serif. However when utilizing the alternate letterforms its voice ends up being more businesslike, though still with great curves, generous percentages, and a pleasant character.

Sanserata can be found in seven weights with matching italics, covers the Latin Extended character set, and is packed with bonus. Its OpenType features permit the execution of typographic niceties such as small caps, both tabular and proportional lining and oldstyle figures, ligatures, alternate characters, case-sensitive variants, and portions. The total Sanserata household, in addition to our entire catalogue, has been optimised for today's diverse screen uses. Dr Unger worked with Tom Grace on the production of Sanserata.

For extended branding usage with Sanserata, check out Sanserata, the contemporary, diverse typeface drawn from roots in Romanesque Europe.

Font Family:
· Sanserata Light
· Sanserata Light Italic
· Sanserata
· Sanserata Italic
· Sanserata Medium
· Sanserata Medium Italic
· Sanserata Semibold
· Sanserata Semibold Italic
· Sanserata Bold
· Sanserata Bold Italic
· Sanserata Extrabold
· Sanserata Extrabold Italic
· Sanserata Black
· Sanserata Black Italic

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