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Sarun Font

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SarunDesigner: Stawix Ruecha
Publisher: Stawix
Created by Stawix Ruecha, Sarun is a sans serif font style household. This typeface has sixty designs and was released by Stawix.

Sarun is the ideal harmony between Humanist, Geometric and Industrial Sans. It would be a bit hard to designate its definite character.

Yet, Sarun is compatible with designs and super easy to use in range of designs. Each weight is not just geared up with italic, but likewise small caps and a total alternate set. Sarun is likewise includes the 10 most substantial Cryptocurrency signs.

The Sarun family includes 10 weights in 3 widths in addition to matching italics in every style.

Font Family:
· Sarun Pro Thin
· Sarun Pro Thin Italic
· Sarun Pro Extra Light
· Sarun Pro Extra Light Italic
· Sarun Pro Light
· Sarun Pro Light Italic
· Sarun Pro Regular
· Sarun Pro Italic
· Sarun Pro Book
· Sarun Pro Book Italic
· Sarun Pro Medium
· Sarun Pro Medium Italic
· Sarun Pro Bold
· Sarun Pro Bold Italic
· Sarun Pro Heavy
· Sarun Pro Heavy Italic
· Sarun Pro Black
· Sarun Pro Black Italic
· Sarun Pro Ultra
· Sarun Pro Ultra Italic
· Sarun Pro Narrow Thin
· Sarun Pro Narrow Thin Italic
· Sarun Pro Narrow Extra Light
· Sarun Pro Narrow Extra Light Italic
· Sarun Pro Narrow Light
· Sarun Pro Narrow Light Italic
· Sarun Pro Narrow Regular
· Sarun Pro Narrow Italic
· Sarun Pro Narrow Book
· Sarun Pro Narrow Book Italic
· Sarun Pro Narrow Medium
· Sarun Pro Narrow Medium Italic
· Sarun Pro Narrow Bold
· Sarun Pro Narrow Bold Italic
· Sarun Pro Narrow Heavy
· Sarun Pro Narrow Heavy Italic
· Sarun Pro Narrow Black
· Sarun Pro Narrow Black Italic
· Sarun Pro Narrow Ultra
· Sarun Pro Narrow Ultra Italic
· Sarun Pro Condensed Thin
· Sarun Pro Condensed Thin Italic
· Sarun Pro Condensed Extra Light
· Sarun Pro Condensed Extra Light Italic
· Sarun Pro Condensed Light
· Sarun Pro Condensed Light Italic
· Sarun Pro Condensed Regular
· Sarun Pro Condensed Italic
· Sarun Pro Condensed Book
· Sarun Pro Condensed Book Italic
· Sarun Pro Condensed Medium
· Sarun Pro Condensed Medium Italic
· Sarun Pro Condensed Bold
· Sarun Pro Condensed Bold Italic
· Sarun Pro Condensed Heavy
· Sarun Pro Condensed Heavy Italic
· Sarun Pro Condensed Black
· Sarun Pro Condensed Black Italic
· Sarun Pro Condensed Ultra
· Sarun Pro Condensed Ultra Italic

Sarun Font Preview
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