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Satura Font

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SaturaDesigners: Peter Bruhn,
Publisher: Fountain
Some typefaces defy category. These rare birds originate from a space beyond male's ability to label and categorize. Satura was born because uncommon location. Yet its origins are not so foreign that it's overtly odd or illegible. In fact, Satura's mild curves and shifts are rather attractive, as if you've seen them previously. But there has actually never been a face or household rather like this.

An imaginative partnership between Göran Söderström (Stockholm) and Peter Bruhn (Malmö), Satura started with Göran's principle for a reversed contrast typeface-- one in which the horizontal strokes are heavy, rather than the more traditional vertical tension. Sparked by these concepts, Peter reacted with his own thoughts. For months, the design recovered and forth over the Nordic intertubes up until the summer season of 2010 when the friends met in Malmö to complete the job in individual. Type design is usually a solitary endeavor, so maybe it is this dialogue between the two Swedes that makes Satura so unique.

Originated from a Latin word significance "mixed meal", the Satura Suite is 4 associated, but unique, households: Satura, the mom, a screen face with reversed contrast; Satura Parts, a stencil version; Satura Core, the contrast removed, revealing the style's standard structure; and Satura Text, a more traditional and legible interpretation, suitable for smaller sized and longer text. Each family includes multiple weights. Satura Text adds italics. However expect the design range to grow in the future-- Satura is a living project.

Tags: advertising, classic, clean, contemporary, core, decorative, display, geometric, headline, layering, layers, legible, light, line, lineal, magazine, modern, poster, rare, reverse contrast, sans, sans serif, sans serif, series, spurless, stencil, suite, text, thin, true italics, unique, unusual, warm

Satura Font Preview
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