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Savigny Font

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SavignyDesigner: Jeremy Dooley
Publisher: insigne
Savigny was created by Jeremy Dooley and released by insigne. Savigny consists of 36 designs and family plan options. p > Savigny started as a spin-off of Le Havre. Le Havre fulfilled my design goal of a geometric sans serif with a strong art deco touch. Le Havre's primary inspiration originated from the art deco entitling of the 1930's, and the lower case was simply icing. The art of the 1930's is of particular interest to me, and I like the art deco era and its art, and the simplicity of geometric shapes. I am mainly thinking about developing display typefaces. In lots of methods Le Havre was the precise reverse of another popular insigne offering, Aviano Sans. Le Havre has really high ascenders, a lower case and is very condensed. Aviano Sans has no lowercase and extremely extended capitals.

With the rise of webfonts I began to see Le Havre being utilized frequently online. It's brief x-height and extremely tall ascenders made it tough to check out in on screen text settings as it was meant as screen type. With this observation, I felt that there is more room for a geometric sans in the insigne catalog. So I go about to create a new geometric sans utilizing the effective skeleton of the Le Havre family.

Although I planned to extend the Le Havre line, the new household is so significantly various I chose a brand-new name: Savigny. The face progressed and began to handle a few humanist touches. Developed from the extremely beginning as a webfont, the style is open and pleasing to the eye, with a tall x-height. To enhance it for onscreen settings, the spacing is generous. In addition, it consists of extended and condensed members, making it insigne's very first superfamily.

The household includes over 100 OpenType alternate characters. These include a number of style sets. Some are stemless, others are purely geometric, and in a nod to Savigny's origins, Art Deco entitling alternates. Please see the informative.pdf sales brochure to see these features in action.

OpenType capable applications such as Quark or the Adobe suite can take full benefit of the instantly replacing ligatures and alternates. This family also consists of the glyphs to support a large variety of languages. Savigny is an excellent option for a professional designer who desires a well rounded typeface household that is ready for the web.

Font Family:
· Savigny Thin Condensed
· Savigny Thin Condensed Italic
· Savigny Light Condensed
· Savigny Light Condensed Italic
· Savigny Regular Condensed
· Savigny Regular Condensed Italic
· Savigny Medium Condensed
· Savigny Medium Condensed Italic
· Savigny Bold Condensed
· Savigny Bold Condensed Italic
· Savigny Black Condensed
· Savigny Black Cond Italic
· Savigny Thin Normal
· Savigny Thin Normal Italic
· Savigny Light Normal
· Savigny Light Normal Italic
· Savigny Regular Normal
· Savigny Regular Normal Italic
· Savigny Medium Normal
· Savigny Medium Normal Italic
· Savigny Bold Normal
· Savigny Bold Normal Italic
· Savigny Black Normal
· Savigny Black Normal Italic
· Savigny Thin Extended
· Savigny Thin Extended Italic
· Savigny Light Extended
· Savigny Light Extended Italic
· Savigny Regular Extended
· Savigny Regular Extended Italic
· Savigny Medium Extended
· Savigny Medium Extended Italic
· Savigny Bold Extended
· Savigny Bold Extended Italic
· Savigny Black Extended
· Savigny Black Extended Italic

Tags: humanist, legible, sans, sans-serif, signage, super family, text, true italics, workhorse

Savigny Font Preview

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