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Schnebel Slab Pro Font

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Schnebel Slab ProDesigner: Volker Schnebel
Publisher: URW Type Foundry
Schnebel Piece Pro was designed by Volker Schnebel and released by URW Type Foundry. Schnebel Slab Pro contains 36 styles and household package choices. p > The refreshingly clear Antiqua

Schnebel Piece is a refreshingly clear and strong analysis of a contemporary Antiqua with subtle contrast and company serifs, which offer exceptional readability at extremely small size, and, at the same time, supply a lot of expression for usage in headlines. The italics, drawn particularly for this function, add to a harmonious photo, which never ever loses innovative tension, thanks to its aesthetic appeals. The cautious addition of ligatures, small caps, and proportional and old-style figures permits well-proportioned typesetting. The condensed and expanded versions, which likewise come in 6 weights each, offer plenty of liberty to create with many combinations.

Schnebel Slab Pro integrates specifically well with Schnebel Sans Pro.

Font Family:
· Schnebel Slab Pro Thin
· Schnebel Slab Pro Thin Italic
· Schnebel Slab Pro Light
· Schnebel Slab Pro Light Italic
· Schnebel Slab Pro
· Schnebel Slab Pro Italic
· Schnebel Slab Pro Medium
· Schnebel Slab Pro Medium Italic
· Schnebel Slab Pro Bold
· Schnebel Slab Pro Bold Italic
· Schnebel Slab Pro Black
· Schnebel Slab Pro Black Italic
· Schnebel Slab Pro Condensed Thin
· Schnebel Slab Pro Condensed Thin Italic
· Schnebel Slab Pro Condensed Light
· Schnebel Slab Pro Condensed Light Italic
· Schnebel Slab Pro Condensed
· Schnebel Slab Pro Condensed Italic
· Schnebel Slab Pro Condensed Medium
· Schnebel Slab Pro Condensed Medium Italic
· Schnebel Slab Pro Condensed Bold
· Schnebel Slab Pro Condensed Black Italic
· Schnebel Slab Pro Condensed Black
· Schnebel Slab Pro Condensed Bold Italic
· Schnebel Slab Pro Expanded Thin
· Schnebel Slab Pro Expanded Thin Italic
· Schnebel Slab Pro Expanded Light
· Schnebel Slab Pro Expanded Light Italic
· Schnebel Slab Pro Expanded
· Schnebel Slab Pro Expanded Italic
· Schnebel Slab Pro Expanded Medium
· Schnebel Slab Pro Expanded Medium Italic
· Schnebel Slab Pro Expanded Bold
· Schnebel Slab Pro Expanded Black Italic
· Schnebel Slab Pro Expanded Black
· Schnebel Slab Pro Expanded Bold Italic

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