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Schorel Font

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SchorelDesigner: Jeremy Dooley
Publisher: insigne
Schorel was created by Jeremy Dooley and released by insigne. Schorel includes 54 styles and household package alternatives. The font style is presently # 42 in Best Sellers, and # 1 in Hot New Fonts. p > Schorel commands the space and sets the audience at ease. This brand-new Scotch Roman typeface from insigne is a positive personality with a stylish amount of contrast. Cool, sharp, well balanced, and modern, Schorel not only provides well in longer texts, but can utilize its mass to satisfy the requirements of subheadlines, callouts, and other comparable projects.

Scotch typefaces initially come from Scottish foundries, popular in the United States in the late 18th century. This gorgeous category of type grew in popularity through the Victorian period and the majority of the 20th century to make regular look in books, publications, papers, and advertisements.

Schorel itself, with its moderate contrast and natural style, features short ascenders and descenders and calligraphic italics. The design includes a couple of ball terminals, but mostly promotes its bracket serifs, which pertain to a sharp point. The typeface, suitable for medium to large sizes, works for both headlines and text, carefully developed for both print and screen.

This OpenType typeface supports most Latin-based languages. Schorel has 9 weights and a true italic, and numerous special features such as little caps, fractions, old-style figures, and various additionals total each typeface. It's every bit a pleasure to your reader's eye.

Font Family:
· Schorel Norm Thin
· Schorel Norm Thin Italic
· Schorel Norm Light
· Schorel Norm Light Italic
· Schorel Norm Regular
· Schorel Norm Regular Italic
· Schorel Norm Book
· Schorel Norm Book Italic
· Schorel Norm Medium
· Schorel Norm Medium Italic
· Schorel Norm Demi
· Schorel Norm Demi Italic
· Schorel Norm Bold
· Schorel Norm Bold Italic
· Schorel Norm Ex Bold
· Schorel Norm Ex Bold Italic
· Schorel Norm Black
· Schorel Norm Black Italic
· Schorel Condensed Thin
· Schorel Condensed Thin Italic
· Schorel Condensed Light
· Schorel Condensed Light Italic
· Schorel Condensed Book
· Schorel Condensed Book Italic
· Schorel Condensed Regular
· Schorel Condensed Regular Italic
· Schorel Condensed Medium
· Schorel Condensed Medium Italic
· Schorel Condensed Demi
· Schorel Condensed Demi Italic
· Schorel Condensed Bold
· Schorel Condensed Bold Italic
· Schorel Condensed Ex Bold
· Schorel Condensed Ex Bold Italic
· Schorel Condensed Black
· Schorel Condensed Black Italic
· Schorel Extended Thin
· Schorel Extended Thin Italic
· Schorel Extra Light
· Schorel Extended Light Italic
· Schorel Extended Book
· Schorel Extended Book Italic
· Schorel Extended Regular
· Schorel Extended Regular Italic
· Schorel Extended Medium
· Schorel Extended Medium Italic
· Schorel Extended Demi
· Schorel Extended Demi Italic
· Schorel Extended Bold
· Schorel Extended Bold Italic
· Schorel Extended Ex Bold
· Schorel Extended Ex Bold Italic
· Schorel Extended Black
· Schorel Extended Black Italic

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