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Scorpio Font

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ScorpioDesigners: Michael Harvey, Andy Benedek
Publisher: Fine Fonts
Scorpio was created by Michael Harvey, Andy Benedek and published by Fine Font styles. Scorpio consists of 1 design. p > Scorpio is a typeface based on lettering Michael Harvey drew for the card "The Sign of The Push" which was created in partnership with the concrete poet, Ian Hamilton Finlay. The function of the card was to prompt those owing monies to IHF, into paying immediately. Michael also used it on a few of the numerous book jackets he designed. As such, it is a condensed design necessary to allow a great deal of text to be fitted with a limited area. Scorpio has both design and verve. It was created to attract the attention of prospective buyers browsing the shelfs in bookshops. In satisfying this rĂ´le, it succeeded admirably. In all these aspects, it is certainly an unique Michael Harvey style. When Michael died in 2013, this font style existed as an illustration of the standard upper and lower case letterforms plus characters. Andy Benedek's contribution to Scorpio was to digitise the existing letterforms and then produce the staying characters needed for a contemporary typeface.

Font Family: Scorpio

Tags: calligraphic, condensed, cursive, economic, italic, legible, oblique, original, verve, vivacious

Scorpio Font Preview
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